Black Folks Better Have A Backbone With Trump

When GOP senator Mitch McConnell decided to shut up senator Elizabeth Warren on the Senate floor last night for reading the letter of Coretta Scott King against nominee Sessions, I said welcome back to the slave master days.  It did not matter that Warren was a Caucasian.  What it represented was that she was suppose to be subservient to McConnell and his male machismo and that was the thread of slavery for decades.  He had his thugs in Armani suits tell her to shut up and sit down and stay in her corner.  She was not allowed to speak no evil until the White master had gotten Sessions through.  It did not matter that white men like Bernie Sanders stood up later and read the same King letter of condemnation for Sessions.  What mattered was that Master Trump and Master McConnell had put the woman in her place.  Black folks better realize the same fate is in store for them.

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