Don’t Label Me Christian…or Any Other Title. Just Call Me Diana, A Work In Progress

Some of the most egregious sins have been committed by Christians yet we were taught to sit there and pretend we were so righteous.  As years pass by and history begins to separate fact from fiction, we learn that some of the most horrific things done to humanity have been done by so called Christians.  So yes, I believe in God, a Supreme Being, a Lord and Savior but please do not label me with one of your titles.  The most disgusting things I have researched and read about were done by Christians among other groups as well.  They loved to burn people as witches, create the Crusades, stomp on the necks of Native Americans, enslave Black people and other cultures and races.  Just call me Diana and leave it at that.  Let my God judge me in the end and do not beg me to put money in your tin plate for a new lear jet or a mega church bigger then a football field.  Just let me meditate, commune with God in my way, love humanity as I want to be loved, and look at people like President Donald Trump as an aberration rather than any instrument of peace, love, humility, and sincerity.  The man LOVES MONEY.  The man LOVES CONTROVERSY.  The man LOVES POWER.  The man LOVES TO WREAK VENGEANCE ON THE DEFENSELESS.  The man is President of the United States of America and that means calling him a Christian demeans what America stands for and degrades the other religious folks we have here who are gracious, loving, kind, and people who have spiritual purity.

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