Facebook Is Trying To Hide The Racist Actions Of Others By Censoring The Messenger

I have openly shared my observations and opinions that cover almost a 25-30 year involvement with the Antelope Valley Union High School District in Lancaster, California.  The campus is particular is QUARTZ HILL HIGH SCHOOL where I know cronyism, nepotism, racism and other isms have been a part of a buffet of social actions.  Facebook censor me for sharing such even though I shared those feelings with my 5000 plus friends and groups I belong to.  Facebook is obviously bending to the will of the powerful GOP elite in this area we call the ANTELOPE VALLEY PLANTATION and that is a shame.  In a district where educating youth is more of an illusion then a reality,and grades can be puffed up, you have to ask yourself how is Facebook acting any differently then the pathological lying of President Donald Trump?

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