How Long Will Americans Let Trumpster Dupe Them Into Profiting Off the Presidency?

When Kellyann Conway, spokesperson for the president and one of his chief pathological public relations liars,  pushed for the American people to buy Ivanka Trump’s clothes on line, as she sat in front of the U.S. Presidential Seal…. I wondered what’s with that?  When Trump tweeted that Nordstrom, a major store that employs mega thousands of people and has done so for decades upon decades was unfair to his little princess by terminating her clothes line….I thought, more free advertisement?  I cannot wait for the tax returns to come out because we all know that Trumpster is selling America down the tubes and is going to make all the money he personally can from this presidency.  What is sad is that his basket of deplorables still do not get that they have been had.  I guess I will just wait to visit them in the breadlines.

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