Trumpster Lost In A 3-0 Appeals Court Decision. Why Can’t He Just Shut Up?

Every time the Trumpster aka President Trump opens his mouth he starts off telling us how brilliant he is.  I guess he measures brilliance differently then most of the world. Brilliance to the Trumpster must mean acting like a clown, being a pathological liar, and talking about how his daughter Ivanka was slighted by Nordstrom’s Department Store.  Maybe brilliance also means his wife is well hidden because her scripted comments have not been released yet or he wants America to spend billions to secure TRUMP TOWERS OR PLAZA OR WHATEVER THE HELL IT IS NAMED so his family can stay in the luxury to which they have become accustomed.  The White House is not luxurious enough.   In my eyes, his foot always is inserted firmly in his mouth, or his sense of arrogance masks a definition of his self ordained brilliance that leans toward intellectual, emotional, and character IMMATURITY.  Do not worry, I agree with Congresswoman Maxine Waters.  He will not be president long.  His level of stupidity, signing a white supremacist named Steve Bannon onto the National Security Council and claiming he did not know what he was signing, and all the other crap he has done is fodder for IMPEACHMENT or maybe a silent exit in the middle of the night called resignation to one of his golf courses.  But of course he would not quit.  TRUMPSTER does not quit.  He would rather file bankruptcy, cheat a contractor, not pay federal income taxes for 18 years and say he wants to build walls then resign.  Resigning is not in his nature.  That would take common sense.

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