Hey Black Folks Who Are Genuflecting To Trumpster Because You Want To “Feel” Important….He Hates You Too…You Are His Pawns


Listen up, we can tell each other the truth. Dr. Ben Carson, William Armstrong, Black Preachers and all the rest who want a few crumbs from Master Trumpster’s table…..he hates you too. YOU FOOLISH ANCESTORS OF MEN AND WOMEN WHO GAVE THEIR LIVES FOR YOU TO GET EDUCATED, HAVE OPPORTUNITIES, GET THE VOTE, AND NOT SWING FROM A TREE ACTUALLY THINK TRUMPSTER RESPECTS YOU? In fact, he is laughing more at you then the rest of us who have his game figured out. With White Supremacist Steve Bannon by his side, do you really think Trumpster gives a damn what you think. You are a toy on his shelf, a trophy on his desk, a Don King desperate man for attention in Trumpster’s playbook. He probably goes to sleep at night laughing at how he has put some of you back in chains with nothing but a mind game. Think you are important to Trumpster? Just remember a Black teacher and other Black professionals could not even rent his apartments when his racist-acting daddy was in business with him. How far does the rotten apple fall from the tree…….I think Adam and Eve can explain it all to you foolish folks. Don’t see General Colin Powell running after Trumpster and sniffing behind him. He knows the game and after all those years Blacks were legally enslaved, followed up by JIM CROW LAWS you would think Dr. Ben Carson would have figured it out too. An intellectual medical genius like Carson genuflecting to Trumpster shows me that the minds of too many Blacks who are wannabes just cannot be comfortable yet in their own Black skin.

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