Trump Will Not Be President For Four Years…Greed, Corruption, Feeling Omnipotent Will Get In His Way

Trump just started occupying the oval office and he has achieved one of the lowest approval ratings in the history of our democracy simply because he thinks he is wearing a crown.  The only problem is that it is not the same crown Queen Elizabeth wears; he is wearing a crown of arrogance, corruption, greed, and attempting to feather his own nest.  Trump is being shown every day that he cannot carry a big stick and psychologically beat everyone into compliance or genuflecting.  He cannot just wave his wand as he did as CEO of his own company and make people walk in lockstep with him.  After all, Trump  does not have the respect of a President John F. Kennedy, the integrity and intellect of President Barack Obama, and he does not have the personality and charisma of either President Bush. He does not have the integrity of many presidents who came before him and has established that he and his administration is infested with pathological liars.  They never apologize for being stupid or foolish; they never have the white house press secretary SPICER -BOY sound like anything other than a puppet at every press conference.  Trump conned his way into the white house, is becoming the  vampire of the working poor,  and taking every step possible to suck the life out of America’s middle class.  President Donald Trump is dancing with wolves all over this world and he should be careful that Putin may huff and puff and take America into a black hole.  If you think I am being dramatic or am off the grid, you better open your eye and ears and carefully watch all the illegal, horrific, disturbing, and absurd actions Trump has engaged in since he took office only a short time ago.

He actually is acting like he is a good and trying to fashion America’s presidency into a dictatorship run but rich, elite, Caucasian billions who break bread, get honored and have even received payoffs from Putin of Russia.  But what politically elected leader has the spine to stand up to Trump?  They will wait until the country really gets in an uproar, fill the streets with more and more citizens, and threaten to vote them out of office two years from now.  But by that time, Trump may have robbed America blind and put checks and balances in place that erode many of our freedoms and liberties.

You do not think so?  Look at the chaos over the travel ban and all the holes that document contained just for him to be able to thumb his nose at Muslims…..American green card holders, visa holders, and those who had even put their lives on the line to help America fight ISIS.  As many say, National Security Council member Michael Flynn, white supremacist Steve Bannon, and Trump who is use to doing as he pleases are all reactionary, unstable individuals who have THEIR OWN AGENDA………CREATE WARS, MAKE MONEY, AND IGNORE THE BEAUTY OF AMERICA’S DIVERSITY OF CULTURES AND FAITHS.









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