Ivanka Trump Is Not A Role Model For Any Woman Trying To Climb The Corporate Ladder

There is no doubt that by European standards, Ivanka Trump is a lovely female specimen of femininity coupled with money and privilege.  However, Ivanka’s success is overrated because there is nothing special about her clothes line, nothing exceptional about her business acumen, nothing independent of her father’s way of thinking or doing business, and nothing noteworthy that demonstrates the courage, strength, and fortitude of a woman climbing the corporate ladder based on her own expertise and talent and not her father’s bank account and connections.  However, what is exceptional about Ivanka Trump is that she is exceptionally wealthy, the receiver of exceptional connections and favors, the exceptional access to be near  her father’s throne which she has done with grace and a hearty appetite, and that she is exceptionally poised and groomed due to the finest experiences educationally and socially that  money can buy.  If that is one’s definition of ‘exceptional’ in today’s society then Ivanka Trump triumph represents a degree of exceptional superiority.  The only caveat is that many more women  with greater levels of talent, political and intellectual savvy, and the courage of their convictions will never make the grade or break through the glass ceiling because their name is not TRUMP and that is the key to Ivanka’s success.

Should we be fascinated by Ivanka…..I think not.  Money is the staple diet that has created her, not her talent, instincts, or insights.  Money opened the doors; money shaped her mindset; money provided exposure to whatever was needed to create a breed of woman that Donald Trump could see as his FATHER-TOY AS IN BOY-TOY TO PARADE AROUND ON HIS ARM.  Even his sexually unacceptable comments about her body paint the picture of a man who has masked lust with a feeling of ownership and masked praise with a feeling of control.  Ivan Trump is owned by her father yet it is an ownership agreed upon by both parties and consummated by money, power, and privilege.  After all, what woman would let her father talk about her in sexual terms or see her body as an acceptable topic on a talk show or just for discussion purposes.  That is a level of toxicity between father and daughter that is masked by humor and Trump’s self defining sense of his own sense of being a hell of a man for any woman to be honored to have even for a friendly grope.

Ivanka is a successful business woman by the standards of her elite life style and social position.  But she is not an object of fascination or women’s pride.  She was created, designed, developed, and shaped by a father who knew what he wanted.  She gave him it willingly in return for money and an opportunity to develop dignity, self worth, and poise in exchange for many lessons in control and elitism at her father’s knee.  She does not represent the average woman who worked to attain their own brand or an enviable social position in life.   She represents the woman born with the silver spoon in her mouth who knew how to keep the silver spoon filled with whatever she needed to feed her appetite for success at her father’s knee.  Imagine if she had been fat, unattractive, and have a low IQ.  You would probably not even know of her existence.  But beauty and a great body is what allowed her to get high scores on Donald’s score card and the rest just fell into place.

Ivanka Trump is not a role model for anyone.  She will not uplift America’s women; teach them how to succeed in business; get involved in serious women issues; or be a part of any movement that will empower women and fight for wage or position equity.  She will be window dressing for the white house due to Trump’s wife who does not have the requisite skills to be a dynamic first lady and who sees the white house as less luxury then what she has become accustomed to.  IN MY WORLD, IVANKA TRUMP IS A TOKEN, A TOY ON DONALD’S ARM, A FALSE IMAGE OF A TRUE FEMALE ENTREPRENEUR, AND AN ILLUSION OF WHAT A STRONG WOMAN SHOULD BE ABOUT TO MAKE IT IN A CORPORATE WORLD DOMINATED BY MEN LIKE HER FATHER…..true cannibals and women ball busters.

Look for nothing from Donald’s wife….his chief possession or Ivanka Trump, her father’s chief wind up toy to fill in for the wife who will often be missing in action.  And if you do not want to contribute to the IVANKA TRUMP.COM FUND BY BOYCOTTING HER LINE, DO SO.  HER DADDY’S MONEY HAS KEPT HER IN BUSINESS MORE OFTEN THAN THE INGENUITY OF HER PRODUCTS.

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