In Putin’s Russia, He Decides What Justice Means. In America’s Lancaster, California, There is a Putin-type Figure of Authority named Mayor R. Rex Parris

Life is the same all over the world.  Those in positions of authority, or who have  high placed connections, or an abundance of cash pull the puppet strings attached  to any of us  whether in America or in Russia.  Let us not just make Putin sound like he is an aberration or a unique figure in history or our daily lives no matter what our country of domicile.  We watch daily news reports that show what life is like in Putin’s Russia where he determines what happens in courts and who gets prosecuted and convicted.  Okay, let’s keep it real.

For those who want to pretend that what happens in our American communities is any different, let me educate you. I was a whistle blower who watched the superintendent of the Palmdale School District, Nancy Smith, manipulate, mishandle, and do creative deals involving millions of dollars that benefitted her “associates”.  She got away with it and they got away with fattening their wallets.  Consequently, life in America can be the same in communities that stay under the radar or who have the right national or state-wide contacts as in Putin’s Russia.  I happen to live in one of those communities where a man named R. Rex Parris can create bogus warrants to drag you into court, have judges decide cases in his favor,  have business and favor laced tentacles that go way beyond this community and local courts, and even manipulate the system to have innocent men like RAYMOND JENNINGS LOCKED UP FOR THE MURDER of a young girl he never committed.  Jennings was finally released from prison but I was near Parris as he sought to push Jennings into that black hole of injustice but it took three trials. The mayor through his law firm even made about a million dollars off a civil lawsuit involving Jennings.  Not bad for a hard day’s work right?  Sadly, the publicity may even have affected the parents only other child who ended up dying from what some see as a suicide.  Two children gone but our beloved mayor made a million or so bucks and the guy gets out of prison after DNA proved he was innocent, set up, someone’s prey, undermined by those who have Putin’s power to engage in an injustice?

Oh yes, this is America but Putin’s power is copied here in the Home of the Brave, Land of the Free as well.  I know. I have experienced twenty years of the master’s whip, being chased by the powerful in the Republican Party, attempts to ruin my career, and lots of other abuses simply because I happen to be in the various rooms where the deals were created.  But then there was the element of sexism and racism that I think go beyond Putin’s standards of making a determination for inflicting pain.  Sometimes that special feeling of RACISM AND SEXISM IN AMERICA CAN BE WORSE THEN WHAT FUELS PUTIN’S ANGER AGAINST SOMEONE.    How dare I, a black woman have the brains to remember the dirt and ask for the same buy out package they pay white men to just be allowed to walk away because my integrity and moral standards did not match what I was seeing.  No, I should be destroyed and not be able to even limp away was the decision.  They will pay a white man like the former city manager of Lancaster,  a man named LaScala, a million or more dollars to just walk away but they won’t even  give a black woman  enough cash to feed her family just because I should be honored to have sat in the room with the “deplorables” who pretend to be  the most righteous.

The FBI knows about the ANTELOPE VALLEY PLANTATION because billions have been spent here for aerospace contracts.   The Department of Justice knows. The United States Attorneys’ Offices know.  They all have visited me, saved me at different times, but never compensated me for all that was taken from me including my health.  California senators and other state officials know.  Even a judge from another district put it down in a court transcript that in THE ANTELOPE VALLEY AKA ANTELOPE VALLEY PLANTATION, the sheriff’s department, district attorney’s office, and the court system play games and Russian Roulette with people’s lives to attain a conviction record.  In fact, a high level investigator provided me with documentation that the courthouse in my community, The Michael Antonovich Courthouse is aka the “hanging” courthouse.  The head public defender told me in a way I could document it that the public defenders are weak and known for rolling over for the judges and prosecutors.  People ask why don’t I move….I say what would be my destination.  Is your American community different then mine?

And we talk about Russia’s Putin?   Putin is all around us in America but the difference is our version of Putin wears a mask just like the KKK wore white robes and a hood.  And like on the national level, on THE ANTELOPE VALLEY PLANTATION, THE DONALD TRUMP CLONES WILL HURT YOU and the black people like Dr. Ben Carson sell their souls for an Escalade or do the dirty work for a few pieces of silver, or shamefully just a job title.

I am now 62 with a wealth of experiences, antidotal information, documents simply to protect myself but am I interested in “ratting” on anyone in particular?  Hell no.  Why? Nothing will really change because people do not respect the fact that our ancestors gave their lives to get many of us to this point in history but are too complacent.

So will we let Trump steal the soul of America?



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