“Lock Her Up!” Trump and Flynn Use to Shout Out About Clinton. Now, Maybe Americans Should Lock Trump and Flynn Up…Connect the Dots

FLYNN COMMITTED A BLATANT CRIMINAL ACT…….At the Republican Convention, Michael Flynn led the chant “lock her up” regarding Hillary Clinton.  He claimed she had put the security of America in harm’s way. He said if he, Flynn, had done one-tenth of what Hillary Clinton had supposedly done, he would be in jail.   KARMA IS TRULY A BITCH!  Maybe Flynn was predicting his next residence, a jail cell, and that the press would follow the bread crumbs of Trump’s deception and political love affair with Russia’s Putin.   What a bite in the ass!

In responding to what is really going on in the Trump white house, Trump surrogates are involved in what we call double speaking regarding every issue, lying, acting piously, and even being engaged in having Michael Flynn lie to the vice president about his conversations with Russia over sanctions.  Trump kept Flynn in a highly sensitive position even after the fired Acting Attorney General, Sally Yates, told Trump’s people a long while ago that Flynn had compromised the safety of the United States.  Suddenly now, he claims not to have any trust in him?  It took him all this time to push Flynn out of the nest.  Why?  Because Flynn was communicating secretly with the Russians all through the campaign probably with the Russians and Putin.  Trump had to sacrifice Flynn in the end but people like Flynn do not just walk away or do they get carried away like in one of Hollywood’s spy movies?

If an honest investigation of TRUMP’s LOVE AFFAIR with Putin truly was exposed, we would probably find out that, (a) Trump sent Flynn to have that conversation on sanctions with the Russian representative, (b) Trump told Flynn not to tell Vice President Pence about it because Trump does not have any credible level of respect for Pence,  (c) Flynn is the man who better run, not walk, as fast away from Trump as he can if he wants to wake up and smell the roses, and (d) Donald Trump Jr. was also dealing with the Russians as well  for his father.

You bet I am right.  Just as I  predicted Trump is the greatest con man ever and is in bed with Putin.  While Trump dares to now complain about LEAKS IN WASHINGTON,  he did not care about what leaks were coming out about Hillary Clinton by WEAKILEAKS.  Trump praised Weakileaks but he cannot handle leaks about his own deception and gamesmanship.  Heck, I have more respect for leaks that are letting the American people know how much danger Trump is leading America into for Trump’s own financial and personal benefit.

The problem is that Trump has so many loose threads that if you pull on one, the ENTIRE LIE TRUMP HAS BEEN LIVING is going to come out.  Like I said, Michael Flynn better be living in total seclusion because Trump needs Flynn to keep his mouth shut and Trump is indebted to Putin.  What does that all mean?   Do you think if the heat on Flynn is ratcheted up, he is not going to sing like a bird about how dirty and deceptive Trump is?  FLYNN WAS TRUMP’S BOY…..WITH 21 YEARS IN THE MILITARY….AND FLYNN IS CAUGHT IN THE MIDDLE CONNECTED TO A PRESIDENT WHO IS A PATHOLOGICAL LIAR.

The worse is yet to come…..all you Trump supporters are about to find out how dirty Trump’s white house players are….like a scary movie…… the horror stories are yet to come out.  Kellyanne Conway,  the beast who loved to feast on Hillary Clinton; Steve Bannon, the white supremacist; Rudy Gulianni, the biggest mouth and worse person to tell a secret to; Donald Trump Jr., another connection to the Russians and how they were invited to meddle in the general election campaign and all the hacking; Ivanka Trump, whose brand will burn because she played daddy’s little girl; and Ivanka’s husband who just wants to feel important to the point he will do anything to please his father-in-law.

There are so many different bit players as well who will sink under this scandal.  Congressman Paul Ryan who started sucking up to Trump after shunning him, showing how hypocritical he is and good old Mitch McConnell, who orchestrated the hate and fury against President Obama for 8 years simply because of McConnell’s racist, bigoted spineless self.  Yep, it gets good or if you are Putin and Trump…..it will get rough.

Just remember Donald you insulted the media, trounced on the intelligence community, called the generals stupid, and encouraged your crowds to chant “LOCK HER UP” regarding Hillary Clinton.


The world is watching and this is a case of possible criminal prosecution.

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