Trump Needs To Be Put On a 72 Hour Mental Health Hold

If you watched President Trumpster’s news conference the other day you witnessed a display of insanity unprecedented in modern times.  You knew he got confused between governing and campaigning.  You know he was so irrational he did not even know that a question asking about the CBC stood for Congressional Black Caucus.  He asked the reporter who wanted to know if he would involve the CBC in some serious inner city discussions if she wanted to convene them?  President Trumpster even went as far as to ask her if she knew them.  Was that because she happen to be Black and all Blacks know each other?  He did not mention that the CBC has repeatedly invited him to sit down with the organization but then he does not read much remember.  Probably never read the invitation(s).  He is stuck in campaign, narcissistic mode. I guess that turns his base of 30% on but what does it do for America?

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