Can President Trumpster Get Any More Pathetic…..I Bet He Can and He Will… There are Still Some Fools Out There Waiting for a Miracle From a Man Who Never Reads National Press Briefings….Just Comic Books

When someone is on the fringes of going crazy like President Trumpster seems to be, America needs to honker down and get ready for the worse yet to come.  While he holds on to his little groupies, he has to keep fueling his hatred of the media to make his claims of being victimized stick.  But what happens when those jobs do not come flowing in?  What happens when his approval rating reaches 10% and a campaign like rally in a red state will not stop people from taking the blinders off and seeing Lucifer for who he is.  That is when PUTIN OF RUSSIA gets to have a party and laugh his arse off at the American people for taking the bait and voting a moron into office.

Maybe President Trumpster thought he could be like PUTIN and buy up all of Russia as PUTIN HAS.  PUTIN BASICALLY OWNS RUSSIA, DID YOU KNOW THAT?  Now that is what Trumpster really admires because he could not even hold on to his second rate casinos without financially fleecing the American people in bankruptcy filings.  But the fringes of American society, white supremacists, and closet bigots wanted TRUMPSTER AND THEY HAVE HIM……hook, line, and when he SINKS THEM.

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