Facebook Was Not Supposed To Be About Censorship….So What Is Starting To Go On…Who Is Pressuring Zuckenburg? The White House is Using Threats Perhaps?

When President Trumpster’s son-in-law who inherited most of his wealth probably from a father who California Governor Chris Christie successfully prosecuted….and that is a thought folks….. tell me what gave Krushner the credentials to be the “ENFORCER” OF GOOD AND EVIL?  Why did he call CNN and Time Warner Executives to his office or wherever they choose to be chastised about CNN reporters and the implied status perhaps of a major merger coming up for CNN worth oh say more billions then we can count?  Was there any white house pressure put on CNN?  Listen, JOURNALIST GEORGE WILL, WELL KNOW AND RESPECTED GOT THE BOOT BY FOX DIDN’T HE?

So is the white house and this son-in-law now the ‘ENFORCER’ TO STIR UP FEAR in corporations and tell them to do as they are told or President Trump will play God!!  Is this America or Russia?  Is this what Putin is teaching President Trumpster just because PUTIN OWNS EVERYTHING IN RUSSIA….I MEAN EVERYTHING FROM UTILITIES TO YOU NAME IT.  Maybe that is President Trumpster’s demented dream.  He wants to be like PUTIN WHEN HE GROWS UP.   But it does not look like Trumpster will be growing up any time soon judging by the HUNGER HE HAS FOR RALLIES………GOD HELP AMERICA, THE UNIVERSE HELP AMERICA……AMERICANS HELP AMERICA.  WHAT HAVE WE PUT IN OFFICE?

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