I Am So Glad Hillary Did Not Become President…Having Trumpster Up There Pulls Back the Curtain Of Ugliness and Internal Corruption and Greed America Likes to Hide

Hey, I voted for Hillary and she still has my respect and admiration.  But having President Trumpster act like a blithering idiot before the cameras is much more entertaining and “telling” in terms of American hypocrisy.  We finally have the rest of the world seeing America NAKED and not hiding behind any facade.  We are showing the world how crazy some of us are and how greedy, corrupt, and lacking in integrity many of our elected officials are even though we like to pretend otherwise.  For once, America has to let its dirty laundry hang out for all to see…a nutty president who cannot stop campaigning and who also happens to be a pathological liar.  A nutty president who has cost us $10 million for his few weeks in office vacationing at his resort in Florida and people complained about Obama’s vacation plans.  A nutty president who costs the American people $500,000 PER DAY protecting the TRUMP PROPERTY IN NEW YORK because his wife does not want to move into that less than luxurious place classed the white house.  A nutty president who surrounds himself with white supremacists, lying national security advisors, and a son-in-law who is as brilliant as a chimp’s pinkie.  A nutty president who tweets about a store that does not want to sell his daughter, Ivanka’s clothing line yet employs thousands of people.  A nutty president who has his son-in-law call in companies like CNN and Time Warner, offer implied threats about billion dollar mergers and tells CNN what reporters President Trumpster does not like.  And that is only the beginning of the list of actions that make me know PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP IS ON A COLLISION COURSE WITH ANY DEGREE OF REALITY.  HERE IS A MAN WHO HAS TO HOLD CAMPAIGN RALLIES DURING THIS PRESIDENCY TO FEEL IMPORTANT AGAIN.

What the heck have we put in the white house?  An unhinged person, a narcissistic creep, someone who does not know fact from fiction, a pathological liar and worse yet, someone who wants to make the media his enemy because they will not lie for him, about him, or with him.







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