The Los Angeles Department Of Children and Family Services Has A Few Social Workers on Trial for the Death of a 9 Year Old….That is Only the Tip of the Iceberg. The Rest of the Deception is Swept Under the Rug

Gabriel, a loving 9 year-old boy is dead in California’s ANTELOPE VALLEY KNOWN AS THE ANTELOPE VALLEY PLANTATION.  While we attempt to prosecute the social workers involved, I can tell you from 30 years of experience, intimate relationships with DCFS personnel like ALICE ROSS that there is much more dirt that needs to be aired.  This dysfunctional agency has been allowed to treat families like “animals” who must genuflect or suffer dire consequences.  Its DEPENDENCY COURT is a sham and some of the lawyers I know practicing there do little if anything to defend innocent parents.  Now if you do not care about the poor or often require the services of these types of lawyers who sit on their arses and push paper fine, but if you care, you would call for a FEDERAL INVESTIGATION OF THIS DEPARTMENT FROM TOP TO BOTTOM.  The Los Angeles Board of Supervisors have covered up the dirt for years and other agencies like the REGIONAL CENTER NEED TO BE INVESTIGATED AS WELL. Want me to be more specific?  Call in Alice Ross and a host of old-timers who sit there waiting for lucrative pensions and who have tired of the real mission statement of the department.  It is no longer about children and families but about PENSIONS AND WHAT SOME SOCIAL WORKERS CAN GET OUT OF THE SYSTEM BY HIDING IN THEIR CARS, TALKING ON THEIR CELL PHONES, AND KICKING BACK.  If Gabriel had to die….oh well…..there is collateral  damage in every area of life right?

PARENTS NEED TO STAND UP AND MARCH FOR SOCIAL WORKERS I HAVE INTERACTED WITH AND FOUND TO WRITE LIES AND OTHER MISSTATEMENTS OF TRUTH IN COURT REPORTS TO BE FIRED.  BETTER YET, LET’S GO GET BACK SOME OF THOSE PENSIONS SOME SOCIAL WORKERS DID NOT LEGITIMATELY EARN.  Are you listening Barbara who forged an affidavit in her own handwriting and threatened a man to sign it; how about you Barbara who runs an entire department and called off a meeting an hour before it was to start because you knew your social workers were out of control; how about you David who signed a court report you knew was full of lies and kept trying to pass the buck; how about you Susan who lied to the court about the health of a medically fragile infant and never told anyone the baby had stopped breathing and had to be airlifted to a hospital 70 miles away; how about you Dominique who let a baby be turned over to a parent for a visit with a MAJOR RASH COVERING HER MOUTH and marks all over her back and never questioned why the caregiver never gave the family the ointment for the rash as if they were to run to Walmart and pick out anything.  The list goes on and that is just for one case…….do you hear me…..the list for this one case goes on with the mother in this case receiving NO PRE NATAL CARE AND WAS A CLIENT OF THE NORTH LOS ANGELES COUNTY REGIONAL CENTER and the grandfather who wants custody has been put through hell.  Literally hell even though he has gotten all sorts of special F-rate certificates, etc.


I have watched DCFS for almost 30 years.  I know the lies, the secrets, the egotism, the arrogance, and the lack of commitment to the welfare of children by many.  It is the type of job where the Executive Director PHILIP BROWNING HIDES  and the same is true with the Regional Center run by GEORGE STEVENS.  GOD HELP OUR DISABLED CHILDREN AND ADULTS.

AND THE GROUP HOMES…..OH WELL.  I do not have enough time to tell you the story there where we pay as much as $2,800 per month for what I care substandard care in some homes at best.  Complete with lying on prescriptions and kickbacks to some Group Home owners from mental health professionals.

WELCOME TO MY COMMUNITY…..LANCASTER, CALIFORNIA……PART OF THE ANTELOPE VALLEY PLANTATION ignored by the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors for decades.  Yet, the federal government brags about how we made the Space Shuttle, Bombers and other aerospace great machines.  HOW COULD THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT NOT KNOW CORRUPTION, GRAFT, AND STEALING WERE GOING ON FROM THE PUBLIC SCHOOL DISTRICTS, TO SOCIAL SERVICE PROGRAMS, TO MUNICIPAL GOVERNMENT, TO THE MICHAEL ANTONOVICH COURTHOUSE.  It’s even in transcripts by judges from Los Angeles courtrooms 70 miles away that have taken some of our cases.










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