Trump Takes Credit For Job Growth President Obama Put In Motion…Trump Lies Again…His Nose Is Growing a Mile a Minute

“What Trump says: Trump said at a press conference Thursday that Intel “will move ahead with a new plant in Arizona that it was probably never going to move ahead with, and that will result in at least 10,000 American jobs.”
Trump also promoted the Intel announcement at a joint press conference on Monday with the Canadian prime minister. Trump said Intel is “coming in with billions and billions of dollars of investment and thousands and thousands of jobs” because he’s moved to lower taxes and decrease regulation.
The facts: The new computer chip factory will directly create about 3,000 “high-paying, high-wage, high-tech” jobs at its peak, according to Krzanich. In total, it will support more than 10,000 related jobs in the state.
The investment was made “in support of the tax and regulatory policies that we see the administration pushing forward,” Krzanich said from the Oval Office.But the project isn’t entirely Trump’s doing.

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