RUSSIA HAS BUYER’S REMORSE – Someone Needs To Send Trump to School to Learn What It Means to be President Even Russia Thinks

I think it is time for us to stop laughing at all the “dumb” things President Trump say and does.  The entertainment element has worn off.  Now he is treading into waters that can really cause America harm in so many different ways including danger for American tourists.  He has elevated the “Ugly American” stereotype to a new level and while hillbillies may hoot and howl for him, the sane do not like their lives and wellbeing being put on the line.  Even Russia is preparing a psychological profile on Trump because his craziness far exceeds what they liked when they first started working with him a year ago.  Kremlin seem to be learning that Trump can be politically “stupid” when it come to foreign policy.  They also see him as being nutty regarding picking fights with the media and if Trump does not strengthen his image in America, Russia fears he will not lift the sanctions against Russia.  IT SOUNDS LIKE RUSSIA IS HAVING BUYER’S REMORSE!

What do you think about Ukraine handing over a proposal to the members of the National Security Council Team (that is itty bitty at best).  Everyone is telling America Trump is crazy and our allies are not feeling secure about America at all.  Now if your enemies think you are not quite sane and your allies are thinking the same…..where does that leave America in the world?  We have spent years building alliances that Trumpster is huffing and puffing and blowing down and presenting himself as the “Ugly American.”  Do yourself a favor and stick close to home right now.  Trumpster is stirring the pot of hate almost on a daily basis and while he gets to walk around with all this security around him. the average American tourist is on his or her own.


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