Senator John McCain States That President Trump’s Attack On The Press Is How Dictators Get Started….Very Insightful Finally

If people never understood what President Trumpster was up to by attacking the press and going back to doing rallies, let the much respected Senator John McCain let you in on the Trumpster plot.  Trumpster wants to demean, degrade, and have the American people dismiss the press as a way of getting a foothold  on the job he really wants.  Trumpster admires Russia’s Putin and wants to be like him when Trumpster “grows up.”  The bully whose father had to send him to military school in his youth has never gotten over bullying people.  His management style is one of agree with him or hit the road.  His attention span is equal to someone with severe Attention Deficit Disorder.  His tongue is sharp enough to offer a pathological lie even when the truth is known by the entire crowd before him.  In essence…..Trumpster wishes he could be Putin and govern in the way Putin does but this is not Russia.  This is America and I doubt even Putin would act as blatantly ignorant and obnoxious as Trump does. Trump is like a bull in a china shop, an addict in a room full of his drug of choice, or a cannibal who has a room full of victims all tied up ready to be devoured without hesitation.

Trump insulted Senator John McCain for being captured during a war.  Trump has talked about taking Iraq’s oil; Trump has spoken about Black people as if we are his tokens; Trump has created and fueled hatred for Muslims in general.  Can anyone think that Trumpster does not want to be a dictator except he has no vision, no ability to acquire accurate information, and multiple personalities.  In other words, even a dictator has to have some common sense and intellectual acumen.

i doubt Putin would even want to be around Trumpster except that Trumpster is a valuable pawn….a valuable and willing pawn because he never grew up and matured even though his daddy and mommy sent him off to military school to help him do just that.

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