The Game Being Played About Mexican Immigration…Nothing But Red Meat Being Fed That Is Going To Backfire

Everyone wants meaningful immigration reform but that is not what is going on at the moment.  People are just being rounded up for the SAKE OF NUMBERS so the Trumpster can stand before a rally and rip into the media or use illegal immigrants as scapegoats.  Now tell me what is that going to solve except alienate Mexico’s leadership to the point that they will not want any American to set foot across the border.  It is starting to engender hate especially when you punish a mother who has checked in with Homeland Security every month for several years and is suddenly ripped from her family because Trumpster wants numbers.  TRUMPSTER’S MOUTH AND ACTIONS IS NOT MAKING AMERICA SAFER…….IF YOU THINK SO….YOU ARE AS UNHINGED AS HE IS.  There are no briefings at the State Department, people are refusing jobs in Trump’s administration in the national security area, and Trump has withdrawn some appointments if he found out that you ever disagreed with any of his positions.

Someone really needs to get Trump on a more meaningful page about Immigration.  Someone should get him to stop playing to the 30% AND REALIZE TRUMP IS TAKING AMERICA DOWN A DARK AND FOREBODING ROAD.


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