The Mayor of Lancaster, CA, R. Rex Parris, Thinks Making His City The Solar Capital Excuses Evil Deeds

People who have done the most horrific political deeds to others often get near the end of life and want to become saints.  I saw that with former Secretary of State, Robert McNamara under President Johnson and Lee Atwater who created severe racial divisiveness during the Michael Dukakis presidential campaign.  So if the golden rule that if you do evil, harm, and dirt to someone’s life then leaving a legacy of something positive cancels out all the pain you may have caused in someone’s life simply because of political and personal financial gain you sought during your life when you were so vital and healthy?

I do not know the answer to that question because I am not the person who judges someone’s soul but I would think asking for forgiveness from the affected party would somehow be required.  At least that is what McNamara did when he admitted they were sending Americans to their deaths during the Vietnam War knowing full well America was losing and simply sending soldiers to their deaths literally, not figuratively.  Lee did the same when he asked for forgiveness from some involved in the Dukakis campaign knowing his Willie Horton ad of a black man being released by Dukakis created a great racial divide at the time.  So what does a local mayor who has amassed a great deal of money through business deals that I have personally witnessed do to give me back my life and career that were eaten up by vitriolic rhetoric about me, lies about me, bogus lawsuits about me,  intentional misstatements of creative facts appearing in the local Antelope Valley Press newspaper for 30 days straight about me, and how I was robbed of financial benefits I was entitled to just because I was an outspoken advocate protecting children and families against corruption in such places as a public school district and municipal government redevelopment deals.

Now I have been told if I release my book of the growth of the Aerospace rich Antelope Valley of Palmdale and Lancaster, CA and compare the greed, corruption, and even death I witnessed here in comparison to what is happening all across America that the powerful will “take a bite out of my ass.” That was told to me by a pastor / Executive Director of a program called GRACE RESOURCES.  Is that because I know how that person took money that benefitted him, carried out dirty deeds for the mayor and because no one wants America to understand how a city of 10,000 or so can grow to hundreds of thousands and make a few men RICHER THEN RICH. But isn’t that the American story, the story that affects not just my community and my life but America overall?  And what does Pastor Baker mean when he says someone will take a bite out of my ass.  I am not allowed to tell my story as a guide for other advocates?  Should I fear for my family as I have feared for them for 20 years because I personally witnessed the Palmdale School District superintendent Nancy Smith playing Monopoly with millions and millions of dollars that benefitted  her friends and associates.  Why should she fear anything?  Isn’t the statute of limitations going to protect her or is it?  I reported her deeds in a Qui Tam complaint and as a whistleblower interviewed by the U.S. Attorney’s Office and she had enough people with political clout to look the other way. Republicans all the way to the white house in fact through various contacts.

The book is called an ABSENCE OF HONOR and it will come out when I have to stop calling the publisher to include one last thought here or there that I think may save someone from being persecuted like I was.  And it just may be a New York Times best seller because it is real, honest, and hits home for every American who cares about his or her children and community, especially during these political times.  Already talk show personalities across America want to talk to me about this or that or did this person really commit suicide.  It’s like reading about Vince Foster all over again they tell me and opening Pandora’s box on a world that was fueled by BILLIONS OF DOLLARS BY THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT’S AEROSPACE ELITES.

So men  like Mayor R. Rex Parris may change his company’s logo, or wants to pretend he is now the SOLAR KING OF AMERICA by putting Lancaster, CA on the map for harnessing solar energy but how about the other public figure side of him?  The man who allowed himself to make money off of the Antelope Valley any way he could even if it meant destroying the American Dream for others.  I often would ask him before he put in a bogus warrant once against me that the FBI and Department of Justice got involved in and it was dismissed, how much money is enough?  And how do you go to church on Sundays and call yourself a Christian?

That is the one question that my book AN ABSENCE OF HONOR cannot answer and if I give the publisher the thumbs up…..and boy am I late with the agreed upon publishing date……it is a question I would love for him to answer while his health still permits him to do so.  If Robert McNamara can answer it and Lee Atwaters can apologize for his actions, and this man’s brother who has since died can apologize to me for the pain caused my family can offer on his behalf, then surely he will have more to say then simply taking a bite out of my ass for trying to tell America there is an American dream but the road is full of potholes.

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