Thousands in America March Stating Trump Is Not Their President

Marching, protesting, speaking out is what America is about.  After all, isn’t that a key element of America’s history?  However what makes this national march significant is that the American people are paying $500,000 per day to maintain the Trump family in New York while his family should be in the white house residence that costs the taxpayer’s money too.  WHAT A WASTE OF MONEY from a man who says he cares about the financial state of American lives yet lives in luxury in any way that suits him or his family.  From the East Coast to the West Coast, Americans say they are tired of Trump, his opulent lifestyle,  and the hate mongers and white supremacists he has surrounded himself with.  His writing of Executive Orders that don’t stand up in court and can be used for toilet paper; Trump’s lack of truth about his tax returns and his foreign investments; Trump’s relationship with Russia before the election and the meetings and conversations even his son Donald Jr. may have had with Russian representatives; and Trump’s proclivity to be a PATHOLOGICAL LIAR AND ATTACK ON THE MEDIA’S FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS is getting out of control.  Signing Executive Orders that  coal laden substances and residue to again be dumped in our clean waters is deplorable to those who understand, unlike Trump, environmental issues.  As a high level campaign strategist on many campaigns over the years, we use to tell our candidates to calm down and let the marches march.  We knew most would get tired but then again, there were times when we had to tell the candidates who had won to change course.  WHEN PEOPLE BECOME RELENTLESS AND DON’T STOP PROTESTING, YOUR ARSE JUST MAY BE DOOMED.  DON’T THINK MARCHING AND PROTESTING CANNOT PUT SOMEONE OUT OF OFFICE AT THE BLINK OF AN EYE if others think it will impact their office as well.


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