Why Does It Seem Like Black and Hispanic Politicians Go To Jail; White Politicians Seem To Get A Free Pass and Being a Token Negro is Still “In”?

I remember sitting in a Memphis, Tennessee home watching how the U.S. Attorney was bragging on television about how her extensive investigation of  some well known  African American politicians had resulted in indictments.  I sat back in my padded arm chair and thought, what bullshit. On another occasion,  I sat in the living room of a friend’s home watching the Department of Justice announce how it was going to lock up the African American mayor of Detroit; then there was the news about the African American mayor of New Orleans; then there was the Hispanics in Belmont, California and on and on.  I can go all the way back to when I was a young girl witnessing the cannibal tactics used on Congressman ADAM CLAYTON POWELL by a racist Congress while  other white politicians who had done far worse skated.  You see, I grew up knowing people like Powell and Charles Rangel and many others who let me know about the real deal.  I understood through my parents involvement in the civil rights marches and activities that there is definitely two standards of justice even at the top of the rung.  And there are three standards of justice, the third being turning a blind eye completely to the sins of Caucasians or white men.

So I write this because at my age of 62 years I educate the young among us to tread with care and do not think that what you see President Donald Trump and his clones get away with is what a man of color can survive.  I have seen so much injustice and felt so the pain of the master’s whip myself that I sometimes  look up to heaven and say “Lord, what the hell is the plan?”  But then a white man who has used me as his scapegoat, abused me, set me up for failure through no fault of my own, or used me as his shield will get PROSTRATE CANCER, A BRAIN TUMOR, A CAR FALL ON HIM, A HEART ATTACK AND DROP DEAD, or some other misfortune and I consider it divine intervention because I never wish anyone harm but I do believe all of us reap what we sow including myself who has flaws and imperfections as well.

However, tell me why I know a basket full of politicians and businessmen in PALMDALE AND LANCASTER, CALIFORNIA, especially the latter city, who the government talk to me about and never touch.  They cannot possibly be giving these white guys enough rope to hang themselves……there is not that much rope in the world for as long as their deception has been going on.  These white guys have abused  millions of dollars in redevelopment funds and ended up having more redevelopment debt then a city five times their size with little to show.  They have engaged in turning over bonds on projects like outlet malls they knew would be failures.  They have awarded   million dollar contract deals from hospitals to pension funds to building the same footprint schools and getting millions more with CHANGE ORDERS.  These white men are so bold that they have even sold Walmart residential land, made about $300,000 in broker fees, and a few years later end up heading up  the Planning Commission that rezones the land for Walmart from residential to commercial.

Why is it that in the south especially, an African American politician can get sentenced to jail for a small bribe and a Caucasian in Lancaster, CA can steal the entire enchilada and yet the FBI, Department of Justice, US Attorney’s Office and all the other government agencies wear blinders?  Now and then a few whites get thrown in jail or Club FED but nothing like what happens to black politicians who are so blinded by the sleight of hand the white politician is adept at.

Because a guy now deceased named State Senator Pete Knight told me I was in harm’s way as an advocate, freelance columnists for papers like the Los Angeles Times, and an outstanding radio talk show host who liked to stir the pot, I took him up on his advice of saving, recording, documenting everything I could in the days when I was in politics.  He told me the Republican Party of the Antelope Valley, mostly Lancaster, CA were coming for me and he was right.  He told me to get my hands on as much evidence as I could and when the smoke cleared I would be standing.  He was right.  They threw everything at me for 20 years because I was a whistle blower and campaign strategist and confidante for almost everyone but I was AFRICAN AMERICAN, FEMALE, AND NOT SUBMISSIVE ENOUGH.  When I spoke out about not liking their way of doing business, they tried to destroy me and my family and they inflicted enough pain to give me Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as I defended myself in Pro Se in almost every court in this land.

I have had Inspector Generals from various agencies visit me and ask me for proof of illegal deals as if I should put my life on the line for something the government already knows about.  I often felt it was a matter of wanting to see what I had vs. getting the actual evidence.  I never gave up anything despite the fact people sent me all sorts of documents and I pushed them around the world as Pete Knight told me to do to places of safety because I do not believe in Witness Protection Programs.  But it is incredible to me that all these other African American and Hispanic politicians can go to jail but no one has ever touched the incredible and extensive source of corruption that has existed in LANCASTER, CALIFORNIA.  Oh we have a Madoff or a Ken Lay here and there but CAUCASIAN POLITICIANS SEEM TO EASE OUT OF THE MESS like Chris Christie of New Jersey who used sacrificial lambs to take his seat in the cell.

I have been involved in politics for over 30 years and there are triple standards…not double standards.  The third standard involves  how indispensable you are and keeping the African American in a role of submissiveness.  The entrenched system wants to keep us afraid.  I even knew through my step-mother the city attorney of Compton, California who got himself in trouble for doing what white men before him had done and got away with.  He loved to brag about them and how he wanted a piece of the pie too.  We called him “Chuckie” in the family and his last name was Dickerson.  He  made a lot of money but it was not enough and he got caught up in some mess and lost his law license.  He always thought that getting into a political network would allow him to cash in on those deals. He actually hungered to be a part of that world and it chewed him up and spit him out.   He was wrong.  He forgot he was African American and dispensable.

Putting African American politicians in jail is the smoke screen that covers up all the Caucasian / white politicians I have personally witness engage in corruption that has made them rich, not cell mates.  The only thing that made me realize that this is how life would always be as I caution African Americans about entering politics is that not everyone can be like Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas who once mentored me.  Clarence knew what the white man wanted and he fashioned and re-invented himself after attending COLLEGE OF THE HOLY CROSS in Worcester, Mass to fill the bill.  When he spoke with me once over the phone concerning the Anita Hill debacle he assured me I did not have to worry about him.  “I have a job for life,” he told me.  And I thought to myself, what quality of a spiritual life do you have when you made yourself into an Uncle Tom just to win the protection of those who cherish having an Uncle Tom under their thumb.

I think I could be rich now if only I had acquired the desire for not having a soul, wanting to be a white man’s token, and refusing to show honor and respect for all those ancestors who came before me and died to give ma a chance to be FREE, EDUCATED, AND A CARETAKER OF THEIR DREAM FOR THOSE WHO FOLLOW ME.


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