African American Museum Visit By Trump Shows He Is A Shallow Phuck – A Leopard Does Not Change His Spots In An Instant

How stupid does President Trump think African Americans are just because he choose to visit a museum that captures our pain, suffering and courage in this America of ours.  If his two black toys, Ben Carson and one of the leftovers from the Celebrity Apprentice were smiling at him, does that make him suddenly sterilized and sanitized from all the racist and bigoted things he has done and said.  Does that mean the WHITE SUPREMACIST STEVE BANNON, WHO SITS AT HIS RIGHT HAND IN THE WEST WING OF THE WHITE HOUSE, IS SOMEHOW NO LONGER A WHITE SUPREMACIST?

I listened with an open mind and an open heart to the remarks of President Trump during his visit today to the African American Museum in Washington, D.C.  I had to pull out my barf bag and then lift my head to the heavens and shout out to the Lord and Savior I believe in “What a phucking lunatic.”  I can say such things to my God because He knows what is in our hearts and when speaking with Him there is no need to sugar coat the words or appear falsely diplomatic.  Because President Trump offered a nice performance and some great SCRIPTED WORDS we are supposed to be ignorant enough to give him a pass on what has been a lifetime of discriminatory practices against African Americans and the working middle and lower classes of all races where he has financially shafted them out of pay they deserved?  How stupid I felt the MSNBC African American male guest was to sit there and swallow all the hype of today’s visit.  However, how proud I was of the African American and Caucasian females who also were on the show who dissected President Trump’s words and showed the shallowness of it all.  Even when he stepped to the podium at the end of his visit and read a prepared script, I saw his underlying mask of being Lucifer in “drag” so to speak because his words rung so hollow.

What was most disgusting was that this egomaniac could not even contain his proclivity to stroke himself when he went off script?  He spoke about how much money it took to build the museum and how he was ONLY THE SECOND SITTING PRESIDENT TO VISIT THE MUSEUM.  DUH?  NO MATTER WHERE HE GOES, IT MUST BE ABOUT HIM.

Any American who truly cares about healing the racial divide in America, which does blatantly exist, is foolish to take a few words from a proven pathological liar like President Trump and rest assured that he is a changed man.  As my 99 year old father taught me all my life, “a leopard does not change his spots!”

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