It Took Trump How Long to Denounce Anti-Semitism…What a Political Ploy After Insulting a Jewish Reporter On the Issue

Anyone who believes that President Trump’s statement denouncing anti-Semitic behavior was a genuine feeling of concern is sniffing a lot of glue.  Trump took all this time to denounce something that should have been denounced long ago….and he  even insulted a Jewish reporter who  asked him about escalating incidents of anti-semitism since Trump’s election.   So where did this feeling of being contrite come from?  It came from the paper he was reading, the hand slapping that went on behind closed doors at the white house, and the fact that his daughter’s husband is Jewish and probably had a hissy fit.  But do not for one moment think this man of many “faces” feels a darn thing about anything that hurts others.  He is incapable of feeling anyone’s pain.  It is called a sociopath’s way of looking at life.

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