If President Trump Is A Millionaire or Billionaire, Why Doesn’t He Pay Back The Small Businesses He Stiffed In Bankruptcy?

All that Russian money ….. millions or top of millions…..  former campaign manager MANAFORTE made, all his RUSSIAN CONNECTIONS that are swimming in money, that’s the money I think has kept Trump living at a level that makes you believe he is a millionaire or does he call himself a billionaire?

I do not think either is true. I believe Trump’s companies are highly leveraged and he is owned hook, line and sinker by foreign investors that he has to compensate in some way.  I remember when he had to go to his father to bail him out for one of his casino failures. Wonder if he paid Big Daddy back or did he still daddy the way he stiffed all those contractors. And if President Trump is A BILLIONAIRE, DOESN’T THAT PUT HIM IN A POSITION TO PAY BACK ALL THE MIDDLE CLASS AMERICANS AND WORKING STIFFS HE SHAFTED IN HIS BANKRUPTCY DEALS?

Trump claims he is going to give his presidential salary to charity. WHY NOT START BY PAYING OFF THE CONTRACTORS HE STIFFED? After all, he has not had to pay federal income taxes in 18 or so years so he had some cash to try to make people’s lives whole again and give them back the American Dream they worked for.

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