RUPERT MURDOCK Becomes A Trump Patsy So Americans Take The Fight For Democracy To America’s Streets – If Anyone Has A Problem With That Read Your History

Let’s not fool ourselves.  The rich and powerful who talked “smack” about President Trump before the “joke” of a candidate because President now genuflect to him.  With wussies like these, America never would have had a DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE SIGNED or achieved any other worthy freedom-associated accomplishments along the way. There would be no Nat Turners, no Rosa Parks, no Malcolm X , no Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., no C. Chavez and none of the people from all  age groups, colors of the rainbow, or socio-economic status to fight injustices in America. There would not be one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence whose two sons’ lives were taken because he refused to back down.  Now that is courage and it surely is lacking with people like Congressman Paul Ryan, Mitch (racist) McConnell, Newt Gingrich, Lindsey Graham and even Dr. Ben Carson who parades around with President Trump like his token Negro and trophy.

Once again President Trump is engaging in bad timing but what else is new?  HE HAS THE MEDIA SO BAMBOOZLED AND SCARED TO REALLY SPEAK OUT BECAUSE AFTER THE TERMINATION OF THE TALENTED AND WORLD FAMOUS JOURNALIST GEORGE WILL BY FOX FOR CALLING TRUMP BASICALLY A PSYCHOPATH AND simply put, A NUT, WHO ELSE HAS A SPINE EXCEPT MAYBE CHRIS MATTHEWS AND RACHEL MADOW OF MSNBC?  Rupert Murdock who OWNS far too many news outlets use to be a Trump detractor.  His spineless facade suddenly came out, maybe it was not wanting to be on the end of the stick president Trump’s people use to “threaten’ you when it comes to mergers and such, so suddenly Murdock rolled over and became a Trump minion.  He  got rid of George Will, an intelligent conservative who even I listened to for his sound reasoning and became a President Trump  patsy whenever he can.

So where does that leave Americans who are not Democrat or Republican…just ethical people who are patriotic and love America?  There’s the nut on one hand who creates smokescreens to pretend he is doing worthwhile tasks while he acts like he is going to figuratively send illegal immigrants and others to the chopping block just because he can.  This is the man who talks about how horrible ISIS is yet isn’t he committing the same sin as ISIS if he sends people back to countries will they certainly may be tortured, brutalized, or worse.

On one hand, Trump is pushing through all these “get tough” deportation orders that crack down even on illegal immigrations who have not committed any serious violations and may have been here paying taxes for years, and on the other hand he cannot produce any credible policies that will lessen the fears of more Americans then those supporting Trump.  Angry crowds are showing up at town hall meetings and instead of listening to what the voters have to say, President Trump once again deflects the blame to liberals.  In some places, Republican lawmakers are sneaking out of backdoors, running from the room, or not showing up at all.  It is like a Cartoon with President Trump using the deportation process as a SMOKE SCREEN for Trump’s insensitivity and hostility toward the media, Jews, Blacks, Muslims, disenfranchised Caucasians and anyone who is not in agreement with his narcissistic personality.

Even though President Obama did deportations based on convictions, President Trump is leaving a lot of discretion to law enforcement individuals who can act on a “FEELING.”  People can grab them up just because they feel like it.

Even the new TRAVEL BAN THAT HAS BEEN RE-DONE is going to be as ignorantly put together as the old one.  THE WORDING is unconstitutional and once again President Trump’s Department of Justice flunkies cannot seem to get it together.  To make matters worse, President Trump is sending a delegation to Mexico right now and Mexico does not want anyone visiting.  This is not going to be a good day because the American delegation is going to Mexico  with an arrogant attitude and I do not think Mexico is going to flinch.  Why should  they?  Trump pompously stood up and told Mexico it was going to pay for a wall… one asked Mexico…. and Trump must think the President of Mexico is his indentured servant, butler, worker in one of Trump’s restaurants, or a lover of his right hand man, White Supremacist Steve Bannon.

Even a few million residents of Great Britain do not want this unhinged President in their country or near their Queen.  Other countries are protesting against him and PUTIN OF RUSSIA NEEDS A PSYCHOLOGICAL PROFILE OF HIM AS IF PUTIN HAS BUYER’S REMORSE.

There is a new group forming that is telling the DEMOCRATS AND REPUBLICANS THEY WILL BE OUT OF OFFICE IF THEY CANNOT FIX THIS DISEASE CALLED PRESIDENT TRUMP. IF YOU THINK IT CANNOT BE DONE, REMEMBER HOW THE TEA PARTY GALVANIZED AND SWEPT A LOT OF FOLKS OUT OF OFFICE IN 2010.  SUDDENLY ALL YOU RED NECKS WHO HATED PRESIDENT OBAMA SIMPLY BECAUSE HE IS AFRICAN AMERICAN see the difference between a man of intellect (Obama) and a man (a few brain cells short of being able to decipher fact from fiction, read a book, act sane, and not have temper tantrums and paranoia.)

Can I get an Amen?





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