If You Love America, Visit California’s Antelope Valley and Learn About Trump’s Ideals Of Corruption, Fear, Manipulation of the Press and More. You Can Even Throw in There a Murder or Two

I know the slogan”Make America Great Again,” sounds really cool but sounding cool is not exactly the same thing as BEING COOL as we learned in high school…or most of us did.  Have you ever sat down with pen and paper in hand and written down all the cool things President Trump is supposed to take us back to?  Remove the blinders from your eyes and really address our American journey and you will find that things are better now then they were back in the time President Trump is lying to you about.  Okay, you want higher wages but you also have not cut off all that luxury spending some of your do.  Okay, you want a new car but get real, new is not always better especially when they make cars in such a way that you cannot even fix your own minor problems.  Okay, you want to make sure you can feed your family but who the hell is causing the cost of different foods to go UP, UP, UP?  WHY ARE WE PAYING ALL THESE FARMERS SUBSIDIES TO NOT PLANT CERTAIN FOOD INSTEAD OF JUST GIVING IT OUT?  Why are famous people like Michele Bachman who ran for president several terms back receiving money for a farm her husband owns?  How about all the fat and pork in the budgets passed by our Washington representatives for their specific districts?

We act like we cannot provide adequate shelter and food for all Americans yet the waste is unbelievable.  Some of us are actual gluttons and throw food away like it is a valueless commodity while others go to bed hungry.  We are a fat, overweight nation or we go to bed hungry?  Does that make sense?

And have you ever visited Washington, D.C. and the Rayburn Office building.  I do not know if things have changed but when I was rubbing elbows with some of America’s elected officials, I use to eat in the cafeteria there.  The food was inexpensive and top of the line.  Someone is paying that bill…..certainly not the employees so it must be the taxpayer.  In fact, there is so much waste in ALMOST EVERY ELECTED OFFICIALS OFFICE WHETHER LOCALLY OR IN WASHINGTON, D.C. THAT NO AMERICAN SHOULD BE HOMELESS OR HUNGRY.

I remember when MARK RIDLEY THOMAS OF THE LOS ANGELES BOARD OF SUPERVISORS was redecorating his office to the tune of $100,000.  Now that was shameful.  He did not even blink when he got criticized.  He just spoke in that TOASTMASTER’S TRAINED DEEP VOICE AND PRETENDED TO BE ABOVE IT ALL AS ALUMNI FROM MANUAL ARTS HIGH SCHOOL WORSHIPPED HIM.  Oh, trace Mark’s rise to fame and you will see the Black boy got many perks along the way; all politicians do.

I remember when I stood up in 1999 and told then Supervisor Michael Antonovich of the LOS ANGELES BOARD OF SUPERVISORS how I personally witnessed the mishandling of MILLIONS OF HEAD START DOLLARS GOING INTO THE POCKETS OF FRIENDS OF A PALMDALE SCHOOL DISTRICT SUPERINTENDENT.  He did nothing except allow me to be hung out to dry.  I remember all the money the City Of Lancaster fed to their friends who rolled over redevelopment bonds for various projects like a Factory Outlet Mall, Jethawks Stadium, the Lancaster Library and even the Lancaster Sheriff’s Department, and no one said anything.  Bishop Henry Hearns who was a Lancaster City Councilman and then Lancaster Mayor gave me a tongue lashing.  He told me because I knew the dirt that goes on in a city does not mean I have to tell it.  This Christian, Church Pastor, Man of God told me to shut up.  But then again he always was the third vote on the Lancaster, California City Council that let a lot of lucrative deals go through for friends like former Assemblyman George Runner and his wife Sharon.

FROM MY personal chair often in a forgotten corner of a room, I personally witnessed the Bishop’s “begging” oops, aka bargaining skills in return for paybacks like the approval of an elementary  CHARTER SCHOOL (approved by the Antelope Valley Union High School District that knew nothing about an elementary curriculum).  HE STARTED THAT SCHOOL WITH SOME POWERFUL NAMES ON THE BOARD AND ENDED UP OWING THE STATE $150,000 and that was only the tip of the iceberg in terms of the money really owed or let’s say that has magically vanished from falsified attendance records.

So much corruption, so much stealing, so much wheeling and dealing like giving a person I was once closely associated with VARIANCES TO OPERATE AN AUTOMOTIVE BUSINESS IN A RESIDENTIAL COMMUNITY.  Yes, I remember when RANDY HALL CALLED ME ONE NIGHT AND TOLD ME HE WAS AFRAID OF GEORGE RUNNER AND LATER MAYOR R. REX PARRIS.  HE WAS SUPPORTING SOMEONE NAMED BILLY PRICER FOR ASSEMBLY AND HAD BEEN THREATENED.  Brought out was more like it.  VARIANCES for an automotive repair shop in a neighborhood where families can be poisoned or their bodies polluted from the shop’s chemicals?

Pricer lost and what an interesting insight he provided me on how “they” threatened, blackmailed and bribed him, someone who had once sat on the Antelope Valley Union High School Board of Trustees.  Pricer also was once the Chaplain for the Lancaster, California Sheriff’s Department.   THAT’S JUST A TASTE OF THE ABSENCE OF HONOR that has consumed Lancaster and Palmdale, California also known as the ANTELOPE VALLEY PLANTATION.

The list of greed, corruption, misuse of power and authority, and using the courts, district attorney’s office and the sheriff’s department as weapons of personal destruction is something I have witnessed for almost 30 years.  Hey, let me throw the local Antelope Valley Press newspaper in the pot too because its owner William Markham is one of the major pawns who will print a story full of lies and innuendo anytime certain people like Mayor R. Rex Parris, former Chairman and Treasurer of the California Republican Party Frank A. Visco, a former developer Gregg Anderson, a developer A.C. Warnock, an engineer named McDonnell, and of course GEORGE RUNNER snaps their fingers.  No dirt was ever too unseemly for William Markham to put in his paper as long as he kept getting advertisement dollars from people like Mayor R. Rex Parris.

Let’s not even get into how men like RAYMOND JENNINGS GET SET-UP, a law firm makes a million dollars, and we find out the guy was never guilty after he served time in jail.  That is why our courthouse according to a prominent investigator is called THE HANGING COURTHOUSE.  Paybacks, fixing records, deals with judges, and sick judges with demential who are bobble heads have been our way of life.


And I am not even telling you the good stuff.  But knowing how ugly, evil, and corrupt men like President Trump can be makes me wonder what GREAT THINGS TRUMP IS GOING TO TAKE US BACK TO?  We don’t even have to talk about slavery……TRUMP CAN TAKE US BACK TO YESTERDAY.

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