Just Asking…Why Does Trump Always Have to Have the Only Black Man in the Room Near Him For a Photo Op? That’s Like Saying “some of my best friends are black.”

I  want to chuckle whenever President Trump trots an African American out in a way that wants the Black community to think there is not a prejudice bone in President Trump’s body.  For example, today Trump had a meeting of corporate executives at the white house.and as usual the “token” was by his side.    I think the only African American executive  I could see in the room ended up in the seat  next to Trump.  President Trump just loves those photo opportunities showing the black community how near and dear we are to him. He just loves himself some black folks.  Too bad he never wanted to rent any apartments to us and put the code letter “C” on them so his managers would know to throw them away even if we were professionals and had the same green money as everyone else.

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