President Trump Was Not Even in the Situation Room When the Navy Seal Was Killed in Yemen. He Could Not Care Less. He Was Off Tweeting

When the raid against Osama bin Laden was going down and the lives of our Navy Seals were on the line, President Obama was held up in the SITUATION ROOM WITTH OTHER KEY PEOPLE watching the dangers our loved ones had to ensure.  For those of you so fixated on Trump being your “god” and “premier con man”, he was no where near the SITUATION ROOM.  He was busy taping a Christian broadcast that was not even suppose to air that night. In fact, he deleted a tweet he had sent out because he realized it was not going to be timely.  So while one Navy Seal was dead on the ground and others were severely wounded, President Donald Trump could not have cared less about a decision he had agreed to over a dinner meeting with his son-in-law and Steve Bannon.  To them this was nothing but war games and whatever happened happened,  I cannot even imagine getting a call from the wife of that dead Navy Seal or any family member and hearing the voice of President Trump on the other end offering his shallow condolences.  THAT WAS A DANGEROUS MISSION BUT PRESIDENT TRUMP DID NOT HAVE TIME TO WATCH IT, FOLLOW ITS PROGRESS, OR BE CONCERNED UNTIL SOME ONE TAPPED HIM ON THE SHOULDER MUCH LATER AND INFORMED HIM OF THE DEATH TOLL ON BOTH SIDES INCLUDING THAT OF CHILDREN.

This is a president who has some sort of sociopath gene as many mental health professionals have already pointed out because he does not give a damn about the mean and women in uniform.  He does not give a damn about the missions he sends them on, and he certainly cannot possibly care if they make it or not.  He simply loves to sign things, admire his signature, hold it up for a photo opportunity  and enjoy some sort of emotional orgasmic high.

And you want him to have the nuclear codes.  He would be tweeting while the bombs were being dropped I am sure.  I just do not think he is all there….you know what I mean….one sandwich short of a full picnic lunch.  When have you ever heard real empathy, compassion, concern, or caring in his voice over anyone except his poll numbers or something to do with his narcissistic personality.  I am telling you, someone should have gone back and interviewed those former wives of his and found out the real scoop about the man.

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