Why Did Priebus, Trump’s Chief of Staff, Try to Force the Justice Department to Drop the Investigation Involving Trump and Russia? SUSPICIOUS….I SAY TREASON IS IN THE AIR

Did you know that President Trumps’  Chief of Staff, Preibus, put pressure on the Department of Justice to drop investigating President Trump, his staff interacting with Russia, and all that was and is going on with Russia.  According to the rules of the game, the only people who are supposed to contact the DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE ABOUT INVESTIGATIONS is the President, Vice President, the President’s Legal Counsel and the Legal Counsel’s Deputy.  That is to avoid any impropriety of the white house or the president such as under President Nixon to interfere in investigations.

You know there is a lot of dirt coming out about President Trump and Russia.  On one hand Americans can talk about all the jobs he promised to bring into the country but on the other hand President Trump is letting the NATIONAL SECURITY OF AMERICA GO DOWN THE TOILET.  BE AFRAID FOLKS THAT YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT DEAL TRUMP MADE WITH PUTIN AND WHAT TRUMP OWES PUTIN.


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