In Lancaster, California, is the Death of a Child Insignificant Because It is Common Practice to Suffocate Justice at The Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services?

This week the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled Social Workers who lie and submit false reports cannot be protected by immunity.  It’s about time because the practice is more common then most people realize.  Additionally, in Lancaster, CA, social workers from the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) are on trial for being involved in the long occurring torture and eventual death of a 9 year-old named Gabriel.  Most of us just happened to know about the Gabriel case and how DCFS and the sheriff’s department let the situation languish until the boy was finally allegedly murdered by his parents. But those issues are only the tip of the iceberg.

I have worked with a family for over 2 years where the North County Regional Center failed to provide the young woman in a group home with any pre-natal care.  Not to mention the young woman reported being sexually abused by the group home owner and the young woman’s parent did not know she was pregnant until she had reached 5 months.  The young woman ended up homeless, had to be taken in by her father who defied a court order to do so when she was 8 months pregnant and the baby was eventually born in an ambulance.  Trips to the hospital were met with disdain by some of the nursing staff because the woman was indigent.

So the baby is born and in comes the Department of Children and Family Services.  The young woman’s father had to file several complaints concerning the misconduct and inappropriate behavior of DCFS social workers, racism, torment and misconduct by caregivers.  That did not make him popular in a situation where DCFS is already under the gun for a possible homicide, extensive mistreatment of families, and a culture of “we are untouchable” by long term staff.  So I watched, reported my findings and for two years watched while the SNAKEPIT which is DEPENDENCY COURT rolled along and did nothing of substance.  The Attorney Rikka Fountain Weeks demonstrated a great deal of hostility to the young woman’s father; the lawyer for the baby did nothing of consequence to correct many complaints and the young woman’s father had social worker after social worker who wrote the most abusive misstatements of facts and truth in court reports.  THE COURT OF COURSE DID NOTHING.

The grand finale of the story is simple.  The young woman is mentally retarded and DCFS had already prepared a motion over a year ago to take away her parental rights.  But when the father and a hired advocate kept pointing out glaring deficiencies in the system, and the social workers LIED BEYOND BELIEF, the attorney came up with a trick.  The attorney was able to get the mentally retarded young woman to claim she wanted to raise her child which caused the young woman’s father to be pushed out of any position of authority even though he is legally the young woman’s conservator in Superior Court.  All rights for the baby were assigned to the mother who lives in a Group Home and the young woman’s father was relegated to a status of almost non-existence.  That cut out his ability to interact with the court and voice his serious concerns about such issues as child neglect by caregivers and racist actions by other caregivers.  He could no longer speak out about the negligence of social workers of which there have been five.

THE GAME IS SO OBVIOUS.  GIVE ALL THE RIGHTS TO THE MENTALLY RETARDED MOTHER BY ENTICING HER WITH PROMISES OF WHAT YOU ARE GOING TO DO FOR HER AND UNITE HER WITH HER BABY.  SHE TURNS AGAINST HER FATHER AND THE DEPENDENCY COURT HAS ONCE AGAIN DIVIDED AND CONQUERED ANOTHER FAMILY.  Bogus reports are written about the father of the young woman that are so blatantly untrue like he does not change the baby’s diaper during visits and the Los Angeles Country Department of Children and Family Services circles its wagons just they way they did when they allowed GABRIEL TO SUCCUMB TO BEING MURDERED.

Later, once the division of father and the mentally retarded mother is in place, DCFS can put through that motion that says she is incapable of raising her daughter.  ONCE AGAIN, A BI-RACIAL CHILD IS HANDED OFF TO A COUPLE SOME DCFS SOCIAL WORKER WANTS TO REWARD WITH A NEW BABY.  The dynamics of this case is even more intense and extensive then what I am sharing here but the bottom line is simple.  BABIES OF COLOR ARE BEING STOLEN BY THE LOS ANGELES COUNTY DEPARTMENT OF CHILDREN AND FAMILY SERVICES AND NO ONE CARES UNLESS THEY END UP DEAD.  SOCIAL WORKERS LIE AND CREATE FALSE AFFIDAVITS THAT THEY FORCE PARENTS TO SIGN.  WORSE OF ALL, THE LAWYERS IN DEPENDENCY COURT ARE DOING NOTHING BUT PUSHING PAPER AND KILLING TIME FOR A PAYCHECK.

This case should have been over a year ago.  All the evaluations they now claim they want to do on the mentally retarded mother could have been done a year ago but surprisingly just came to mind now that the father of the young mother started pointing out all sorts of inappropriate behavior by social workers.

Sometimes you have to give up.  The baby is now slightly over one years of age and the community we live in is called the ANTELOPE VALLEY PLANTATION.  Judges in other jurisdictions have put in their transcripts how the court system here is like a “hanging courthouse” and people create their own rules as they go along.  As much as I would want to save every child and bring a baby home to the family it deserves, I CANNOT FIGHT AN ENTRENCHED PREDOMINANTLY WHITE CONTROLLED SYSTEM IN A HIGHLY RACIST ENVIRONMENT LIKE LANCASTER, CALIFORNIA WHICH I HAVE TRIED TO DO FOR 30 YEARS.  It is amazing how this area can be the AEROSPACE CAPITAL OF THE WORLD YET THE GOVERNMENT’S EYES SEEM TO AVOID FOCUSING ON ALL THE CORRUPTION, GREED, INJUSTICE THAT IS PREVALENT IN ALMOST EVERY ENTITY IN THIS VALLEY….KNOW AS THE ANTELOPE VALLEY PLANTATION.

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