If Trump is Found to Have Engaged in Treason with Russia Against America, Would You Have the Spine to Oust Him?

If a legitimate investigation shows that President Trump had been attached to Russia regarding the manipulation of America’s election and other deals with his Russian contacts, can we save face as a great Democracy and send him packing?  I do not think  that far too many white people in his 40% base would want to hold onto him no matter what because it is a new experience in terms of a con man so blatantly playing the American people.  His base is so bigoted in some respects that they will take Trump no matter what. And we all know where Trump falls when it comes to race.

Trump basically gets an “F” regarding race back to the 70s when the Trump organization got hit with discrimination lawsuits up to today where he put out a full page ad calling for execution of black males, the Central Park Five, who were falsely accused of harming anyone and finally released.

If only he would read.

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