Trump Lied Last Night When He Said Yemen Resulted in Finding Relevant Information…BULLSHIT

TRUMP said the Yemen raid was “highly successful”, “significantly intelligent information found” and the only person saying that is President Trump.  Now I am all for making the widow feel better about the lost of her husband, but I think she deserves what her father-in-law asked for……TRUTH!  THIS RAID WAS PUSHED BY TRUMP WHO WANTED TO GET AN ADRENALIN RUSH.  Think about that.  Your husband had to die because President Trump wanted to put  some meat into his speech rather then the truth being told to the American people and the Navy Seals family.  The NAVY SEAL DID NOT HAVE TO DIE….OBAMA HAD NOT APPROVED IT…..TRUMP DID OVER A DINNER…..LET’S TELL THE FAMILY THE TRUTH THAT IT HURTS AMERICA TO KNOW THAT PRESIDENT TRUMP ALLOWED YOUR HUSBAND, SON, FATHER TO BE KILLED ALONG WITH OTHER CHILDREN FOR ABSOLUTELY NO REASON.  How stupid was Trump as he sucked up his caviar?  Now TRUMP WANTS TO RUN FROM THE AUTHORITY OF SIGNING OFF ON THESE TOP OF RAIDS TO LET TRUMP HIDE.

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