Whenever Republicans Can Applaud Trump For Having a Nice Tone, That’s Digging Pretty Deep to Find a Compliment for the Lunatic

Obamacare is not on the verge of collapse in many states and the approval rating for the Approval Care Act is going up.  The Republicans are just so bat crazy and want to rip President Obama’s guts out that the GOP will go to any extreme to tear Obamacare apart.  Now that people are coming out to ask for CONSTRUCTIVE AVENUES vs. the Republicans gutting Obamacare, then you have to ask yourself what is really going on with the Obamacare joke.  Trump has been after Obama for five years saying he was not even an American and did not deserve to be president.  Trump LIED THAT HE HAD SENT INVESTIGATORS ALL OVER THE WORLD and I doubt they even got past Trump’s front door.   Now the rest of you may want to roll over on your backs and let Trump stroke your stomach like you are his pet but I am not interested in that type if despicable way of rewarding the dumb and incompetent.  The minute Trump squeezes any of you by the balls, do not come running to us.  Just let him keep your balls in a vice grip and enjoy who Trump has no sense of remorse for all the hate he has spread all over this country for years.

Nice speech Trumpster.  I guess it means you can read and follow a teleprompter now,  Now if you can get a speech or two with SUBSTANCE AND DEPTH, you might make it up the Toastmasters training chain.

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