Don’t Play Stupid, Sessions. You Met With The Russians At The Height of Trump’s Campaign

Trump had to fire Michael Flynn for lying about Russia, Trump is rumored to owe Russia a mega billion pot of dollars to Russia and now Session lies. More and more, President Trump gives us the impression that he has a personal deal with PUTIN THAT WILL BENEFIT TRUMP. All you folks who keep thinking repealing Obamacare and finding Americans jobs is what drives Trump are in LaLa Land. Trump and Putin want to rule the world and not in a democratic style.

US Attorney General Sessions should stop playing stupid.  Even some of the other individuals from other countries who met with Sessions during that period of time are admitting they went to see him to get insight into how Trump would treat them.  So do you really think Sessions did not talk about Russia to the Russian representative?  Sessions, a top surrogate of the Trump campaign  zipped a lip when it came to telling the Senate Judicial Committee about a private conversation with the Russians and contradicted himself before the senate committee.  Even some Republicans are now stepping forward saying that Sessions should recuse himself in the investigation underway regarding  the ties between the Trump campaign and the Russian government.

According to the US Justice Department regulations for recusing himself from the investigation involving the RUSSIA AND TRUMP CAMPAIGN TIES, Sessions really has no choice.  The regulations read any Justice Department representative who has any ties ……. and Sessions surely had ties at the time to the Trump campaign.  You cannot read the rule and not think the rule does not specifically apply to Sessions.  If you do not believe me, look the rule up yourself and then ask why Sessions is dragging his feet.  If the Trump administration is not afraid of what will come out then what is the problem?

Of course we need to thank the Obama staff for preserving all the evidence of those meetings and other Trump – Russia ties that have yet to be “leaked.”  Let’s face it, former President Obama wanted to make sure that nothing would be destroyed or shredded when the Trump people came marching in.  Sessions has a real problem because when I get above all of the “noise” the Trump administration will not be able to step around this situation and there is too much at stake for the Republicans to ignore this.  THIS IS RUSSIA… THIS IS POTENTIAL TREASON OR ESPIONAGE.  THE IMPORTANT THING AT STAKE IS THAT THE GOP HAS LONG CARRIED A FLAG ABOUT HOW HORRIBLE RUSSIA IS.  SUDDENLY TRUMP COMES ALONG AND PUTIN IS A “GOD” IN TRUMP’S EYES.

Let’s just say that the Russian gentleman who met with Sessions is an EXPERIENCED RUSSIAN DIPLOMAT WHO KNOWS HOW TO COLLECT INFORMATION.  HAVE YOU HEARD OF THE WORD SPY?

The Obama Administration was so concerned about the Russian connection that they went to the extreme to make sure the information was not contained in one file that Trump could destroy.  So tell me, when Trump made fun of former President Obama and fought for five years to obstruct Obama’s agenda and presidency and claim Obama was not American born….tell me….who got the last laugh?

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