Trump Surrogates Close to Russia’s Putin Keep Raining From the Sky

AS MUCH AS TRUMP WANTS TO DEFLECT THE ATTENTION AWAY FROM HIM AND PUTIN, THE REALITY IS THAT TRUMP AND PUTIN ARE BUDDIES IN CHIEF AND DEFINITELY HAVE  A PLAN THEY ARE ABOUT TO HATCH.  EVEN WHEN ADOLPH CAME TO POWER, HIS CHARISMATIC FACADE MISLED A LOT OF PEOPLE.  THE SAME IS HAPPENING HERE.  No one has undermined Trump’s victory; Trump is undermining his own victory and is allowing Putin to dig deeper into American society and take over cabinet positions through people who have met and achieved a level of purpose and mutual potential profit.  In other words, let me stand up and tell America that Trump is acting out the entire come to power scenario Adolph Hitler used and succeeded in accomplishing.

As time moves forward, we keep learning more and more about how many of Trump’s representatives from SENIOR STAFF AND TRUMP FAMILY MEMBERS met with Russian intelligence officers before, during, and after the campaign.  Many have gone from claiming they did not ever meet with a representative of Putin and Russia to suddenly HAVING A COME HOME TO JESUS MOMENT AND CLEANSING THEIR CONSCIENCE BY remembering that they did meet privately during,  before, and after the election.

Let’s start with some of Trump’s cabinet picks like WILBUR ROSS, SECRETARY OF COMMERCE who is rumored to have laundered money through the Deutche Bank of Cypress and had helped Trump make $40 million off of the sell of a house.  So many of Trump’s cabinet members are so entrenched in the money game and the Russia game that it could make your head spin.  Even though Senator Ted Cruz may call this a “NOTHING BURGER” IT IS SO SUSPICIOUS THAT RUSSIA IS SO ENTWINED WITH TRUMP AND HIS FAMILY AND SURROGATES AND PLAY DUMB WHEN ASKED ABOUT THE MEETINGS.

We even learn that Donald Trump Jr. got $50,000 from a Russian representative to supposedly make a speech or PERFORM some type of consultant service.  Let’s see, now Sessions suddenly remembers meeting with the Russian Ambassador during the timeframe of President Obama putting sanctions against Russia.  You do know that the Russian Ambassador, named Kislyaj, is considered in Russia to be one of its top spies and recruiters.  Hmmm?  Flynn also met with him.  We also find out that Trump’s son-in-law met with HIM.  .  They met in December and the Ambassador took the back route to Trump’s offices out of public view.  Flynn was not up front about his conversations with the Russians about the sanctions either AND Trump’s son-in-law played dumbed until his meeting was discovered as well.  So much interaction with Russia over such a short period of time, so much intensity as if “the job of whatever they were doing had to get done and quick.”

IRONICALLY BOTH TRUMP AND THE NEWSPAPERS IN MOSCOW BOTH USE THE TERM “WITCH HUNT” REGARDING THE INVESTIGATION OF TRUMP’S RELATIONSHIP WITH PUTIN.  AMAZING.  BIRDS OF A FEATHER FLOCK TOGETHER.  The only difference is that Putin will walk away and leave President Trump holding the bag when the American people come to the realization that their fate has been sealed with a deal between TRUMP AND PUTIN and America gets sold down the road.

Since Trump is hiding his tax returns we can only assume, there is something in those tax returns that will bring to light how financially indebted to PUTIN TRUMP ACTUALLY IS.



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