Trump Tries To Throw President Obama Under The Bus. Trump Is That Desperate

Today the tweet king tried to blame his Russian connection problems on former President Obama.  No, he did not admit that at least five people close to him have interacted with Russian spy types, representatives of the Russian government, an ambassador, handsomely wealthy Russian business men and others who all have a DIRECT CONNECTION TO RUSSIAN PRESIDENT PUTIN.  Even his son, his son-in-law, Flynn the National Security Advisor to President Trump who was just fired, US Attorney General Jeff Sessions who lied before the Judicial Committee and recuse him to investigate Trump’s Russian connections, are just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the Russian-deal-making cesspool President Trump politically, financially, and officially bathes in.   But no one wants to just admit President Trump is dirty.  Everyone wants to keep running around, letting Trump now try to deflect his “questionable habits” by claiming President Obama wiretapped Trump Tower.

How stupid do you get Donald.  Why would you open Pandora’s box and bring Obama into the mix.  Don’t you get it Donald?  That is so absurd that if he did or did not wire tap Trump Tower you have been so obviously flippant about your involvement with Russian connections that the stench is immune to even a can of Fabreeze.

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