What Mental Meds Is Trump On? His Erratic Behavior Demands Attention So Why Are People Pretending He Is Sane?

Oh how the global community must be laughing at America right now.  Big, tough, know-it-all America, one of the greatest democracies we claim of all times is doing summersaults and acting like we cannot control the antics of an unhinged president.  We actually put someone in the Oval Office who is a pathological liar, paranoid, vindictive, wants to go to “verbal war” with every entity  on the planet from the media to the Hispanic community and families he would love to deport, and is addictive to having people genuflect to him.  He listens to no one except a handful of people, one being a noted whited supremacist, and he believes in tweeting and saying whatever he feels whether it is based in reality or on a whim and illusion.

At 71 this man called Donald Trump has been in the private business sector for too long because he thinks being President of the United States is the same as being King Kong. He has a selective memory when it comes to recalling facts or figures he erroneously shared, and would probably insult every world leader except PUTIN OF RUSSIA, not caring if America looses the respect of its allies.  In fact, that is probably what he wants to accomplish because in his mind he is PUTIN OF RUSSIA, WANTS TO BE AS RICH AS PUTIN OF RUSSIA, AND WISHES HE COULD “RULE” VS. HAVE TO BE BOTHERED WITH “LEADING” LIKE PUTIN OF RUSSIA DOES.

The only problem is that HE IS THE PROBLEM.  He is one action away from being in a straight jacket, being put on a 72 hour hold, or people finding out that I bet his medicine cabinet is full of all sorts of mental heath medications.  He has to be spoken to very delicately and kindly and his staff has to go on television shows to get their point across to him about his performance.  Most Executives hold meetings and interact with their staffs; in Trump’s case it is what his staff says during a television interview that garners his true attention.   But those who are dependent on Trump for financial survival must play the game with him, not because he is a great asset to America, but because they need a check.

It would be a shock to find out that President Trump is really BROKE.  It would be keeping it real for him to submit his tax returns and we find out that he is neither a millionaire or even rich.  He is one of those guys who borrows from Peter to pay Paul and has created an illusion of being rich.  IN FACT, I AM WILLING TO BET TRUMP IS OWNED, CONTROLLED, AND UNDER THE THUMB OF THE RICH MEN IN RUSSIA WHOSE BIDDING HE HAS DONE AND CONTINUES TO DO.  Unfortunately taking over the Oval Office was on his agenda which means PUTIN WANTS TO TAKE OVER AMERICA THROUGH DUM DUM.



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