President Trump …. What Is His Mental Diagnosis So We Know How To Deal With His Triggers

I know that Trump is walking a mental tightrope.  EVERYONE KNOWS!  SO WE ARE SUPPOSE TO IGNORE HIS MENTAL STRUGGLES?

For the first time in my life, I have to admit I do not feel like my country has a PRESIDENT OR A LEADER.  I am getting embarrassed because this is the person who is suppose to be the leader of the FREE WORLD.   I can disagree with my president’s political ideology but he has always been someone I thought had some active brain cells.  I do not feel that way today.  I feel like the average American citizen has been cast adrift.  This man named Trump is a basket case, a walking time bomb, a dangerous bundle of arrogance and nerves.

He does not make decisions or speak based on “authoritative truth”.  An organization is a machine that turns information into great decisions.  Our white house is not operating that way.  In President Trump’s case, he has no basis for what reality is.  He is operating in a bubble.

Everyone in the white house is caught up in the mental mind set of President Trump.  He takes whatever bits of information, even his fantasies, dictate how he reacts.  No one around him can change his mind.  He listens to no one unless he feels the need to.  IS THIS PARANOIA?

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