White Politicians Use Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s Name In Vain….And They Don’t Even Realize It

I am amused whenever President Trump says something positive about Black people because it sounds so disingenuous.  It is as if he cannot really get the words “African American” out of his mouth without it sounding like he has some sort of diction problem. His mouth gets twisted as if he has to literally push the words from his lips and that is on a good day when he is talking about my people.  What I have noticed though is that he is not alone.  Other white politicians may let the words roll smoothly from their lips, especially during February, Black History Month, but then they go back and disgrace the legacy of Dr. KingJr., actions that contradict Dr. King’s legacy of integrity, truth, and honor.  It is as if simply saying the words and paying verbal homage to the man is enough to pay him off for taking a bullet to the head and dying at 39 years of age fighting for civil rights and a sense of humanity and dignity for all human beings   But it is not the politician’s fault.  It is the fault of every Black person in America who has been complacent and allowed an entrenched racist based system to go unaddressed  every day of the week.  It is the fault of those who take their opportunities for granted and have adopted a sense of “I got mine, now you get yours.”

It is about every white person who had ancestors who also died for Dr. King Jr’s dream of equality and now sits back and shrugs his or her shoulders when a President Trump comes to life.  Like some horror flick, President Trump has become America’s latest boogey man and is treating everyone in an abysmal fashion as we cower in return.  I keep asking myself why are Republican politicians so afraid of this man?  I am horrified when I hear answers like “party affiliation,” “party lines” and preserving the “traditions of our governing process.”  Really?  Those types of answers mean that slavery, the Jewish Holocaust, butchering of the Native American, the burning of witches by the Catholic Church fanatics, and all the other atrocities visited upon us by those in authority should never have been discontinued because THEY WERE THE STATUS QUO.

So Black people should stop hiding simply because you got a little house in the suburbs where the banks are robbing you blind for the mortgage interest anyway.  Black people better realize that WHAT PRESIDENT TRUMP IS DOING TO HISPANIC FAMILIES IN AMERICA RIGHT NOW IN ROUNDING UP FAMILY MEMBERS IS INSANE.  Black people better stand up for their Hispanic brother because today President Trump is allowing the abuse of these families on the local level,  making more and more room to detain these families in a prison like camp, and tomorrow Trump will be returning to Black people again.  He will be looking the other way as young Black males are gunned down in the streets because President Trump is an equal opportunity hater when it comes to ANY MINORITY, ANY FOREIGN BORN PERSON OF COLOR, ANY ONE WHO DOES NOT HAVE HIS WHITE SKIN.

So Blacks can hide all they want and think a few tokens in President Trump’s administration means something but do not kid yourself.  They are not worth the masks they are wearing because they carry a shame of their skin color that forces them to gravitate to white people like Trump for affirmation.

It is amazing to me how President Trump can dare to utter the word African American as if it is not a term he has great contempt for.  It is amazing to me how white politicians like Rubio and Cruz could have taken the insults Trump dished out to them that were based on his hatred of each’s cultural roots and not stand up and denounce Trump.  It is amazing to me that Washington, DC politicians are so into tradition and process and what tradition dictates when a crazy white fool sits in the white house, threatening the stability of our country and the humanity we claim we are all about.  WHAT IS HAPPENING ON THIS VERY DAY AS I SIT AND WATCH THE ICE VAN ROUNDING PEOPLE UP IS AN ABOMINATION TO GOD AND YET, THESE SAME POLITICIANS WILL STAND IN CHURCH ON THEIR HOLY DAY AND BE GOOD LITTLE CHRISTIANS.  OR THEY WILL HONOR DR. KING, JR. AS IF THEY DID NOT TRY TO DESTROY HIM WHEN HE WERE ALIVE.  The white man is an interesting phenomenon in America.  They want the world to believe they are honorable and loving and all that good stuff but they are spineless for the most part.  If that were not so, they would not allow a man full of such bigotry, hated, animosity and criminal minded intent to sit in the oval office and pretend to be president.

AT THIS POINT AND TIME, THE WORLD KNOWS THAT AMERICA HAS NO CREDIBLE LEADERSHIP AT THE TOP, racism is expanding under a Trump presidency, and the very tapestry of diversity that makes America unique and great is quickly being unraveled.


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