TRUMP, JUST ANOTHER BULLY ON THE PLAYGROUND While Idiots Are Everywhere In Washington

IT IS FRIGHTENING TO BELIEVE THAT LIVES ARE DEPENDENT UPON THE MORONIC BEHAVIOR OF THE REPUBLICAN PARTY AND THIS MAN CALLED PRESIDENT TRUMP AT THE MOMENT.  No one has any “balls” to stop the  big bully and his RUSSIAN PLAYMATES.  Putin and Wikileaks have joined forced with the BULLY TRUMP to intimidate us all! TRUMP IS EVEN ALLOWING THEM TO BULLY THE INTELLIGENCE COMMUNITY.  WOW!  AN INSANE PRESIDENT AND NO ONE MAKES A MOVE TO PUT HIM ON A 72 HOUR HOLD.  It is remarkable to me  that Washington politicians are sitting around holding press conferences and pontificating about what is going on between President Trump and Russia.  You get to the point that you want to barf and wonder if there is ONE BRAIN CELL BETWEEN ALL THE ELECTED POLITICIANS ESPECIALLY THE REPUBLICANS.  The Republicans are all running around hoping to pass a health care replacement bill to President Obama’s AFFORDABLE CARE ACT.  WHAT THEY ARE PROPOSING puts the elderly, middle class and other classes in harm’s way.  But they do no care.  It’s like children on the playground, Republicans just want to be able to say they passed something.  To make matters worse, there is NO PARENT OR PRESIDENT TO GO TO in order to reign these children in.  HE’S ONE OF THE MAJOR PLAYERS AND BULLIES ON THE PLAYGROUND.

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