Trump’s New Travel Ban is Crap. What About the White Kids In America Who Murder Students. What About NRA Being Taken to Task by Trump?

PRESIDENT TRUMP GOES FOR A PHOTO OPPORTUNITY VS. SUBSTANCE AND REALITY.  IT SOUNDS SEXIER TO ATTACK MUSLIM COUNTRIES THEN TO TELL THE NRA TO SHUT ITS TRAP AND CLEAN UP ITS OWN ACT.  OOPS, MUSLIM COUNTRIES cannot vote for Trump so torment them.  The NRA can drum up some votes so let the kids get guns and kill each other off more than any terrorist has ever done.  The Trump Administration released its new Muslim, oops, I mean mostly Muslim countries travel ban and it seems like more of the same old thing.  Keeping it real, I have to ask what is this ban really all about when the now 6 countries on the list have vetting practices, have not had any terrorists coming from those countries, and let’s face it, the rationale for the entire ban is suspect.  A report by government agencies noted that the radicalized number of murderers, rapists, etc. that Trump claimed he wanted to stop from coming across the border is unfounded regarding this ban process.  The extensive report said people are usually radicalized AFTER BEING HERE FOR YEARS and the same can be said by the white folks like ADAM LANTZ AND ALL THE WHITE KIDS THAT HAVE KILLED FIRST GRADERS, SHOT UP MOVIE THEATERS, PARTICIPATED IN THE COLUMBINE HIGH SCHOOL MASSACRE AND SO ON.

Tell me what President Trump did in terms of a ban in making sure those kinds of killings do not happen.  He does not want to talk about gun control or piss off the NRA but what the heck…..tell a bunch of Muslims not to come this way even though no one from those countries killed anyone.  BUT ADAM LANTZ DID MURDER AND MURDER WIDELY AND PRESIDENT TRUMP RUNS FROM THE NRA THAT IS KNOWN FOR PROVIDING THE GUNS THAT HAVE COST A LOT OF LIVES IN THIS COUNTRY.

Also Tim McVeigh did not come from a Muslim country.  Should we put a ban on the state he came from?

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