Trump is a Hypocrite….He Knew Jeff Flynn Was Making $540,000 Working For a Foreign Power and Taking Trump Money Too

WHAT A HYPOCRITE DONALD TRUMP THE BULLY ON THE PLAYGROUND IS.   First Trump says Jeff Flynn, former National Security Advisor supposedly resigned because he lied to VP PENCE on a question about Russia. Trump even had the nerve to blame the media and said Flynn was denied fairness. Now PENCE says he is glad Trump “FIRED” JEFF FLYNN. Trump is so shocked supposedly to find out this week that Flynn was operating as a FOREIGN AGENT FOR TURKEY for $540,000 at the same time he was working EVERYDAY ON THE TRUMP CAMPAIGN AND LEADING THAT “lock her up” chant at the GOP Convention for Trump. DO YOU REALLY BELIEVE THE PATHOLOGICAL LIAR DONALD TRUMP DID NOT KNOW FLYNN WAS POCKETING MONEY FROM TURKEY SOMEONE NOT IN LOVE WITH THE US. while pretending to be a patriotic AMERICAN?

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