No Joke: Will Russian Operatives Take Over the U.S. State Department. The Possibility Exits

I think of the American Revolution these days…..forget about any other upheaval in our history….just focus on the American Revolution.  The things people did for freedom were awesome and sometimes quite underhanded.  Now think about what just happened with the removal of one of the top U.S. Attorneys from the South District of New York who was PROMISED HE COULD KEEP THE JOB.  HE WAS THAT GOOD AT PROSECUTING CORPORATE AND GOVERNMENT CRIME.  Suddenly he went from a private meeting with that guy named President Trump to being FIRED when he would not submit his resignation.  But what happened to the meeting he had in November / December where TRUMP wanted to keep him he was so good at what he did.  Maybe he was too good as in eventually taking TRUMP himself to the woodshed!  SESSIONS IS A SCOUNDREL WHO JUST WITHDREW THE DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE FROM A MAJOR TEXAS LAWSUIT THAT THEY WOULD HAVE WON.  WHY?

Now shift your focus a little to this new clown named TILLERSON WHO HAS A KEY ROLE IN TRUMP’S CABINET AS WELL.   He is a good friend of Russia’s Putin and TRUMP only met him once before putting him in his cabinet.  Makes you wonder who is picking these people for TRUMP.   He goes off on a U.S. trip with no media to communicate any of his moves.  Kind of sneaky I would think in an administration that talks about TRANSPARENCY.  The bottom line is simple.  With a 37% PURGING of the U.S. State Department with what amounts to about 150 years of combined experience and the sneaking all around of Tillerson and other Trump surrogates, and you have an America that is being set up to IMPLODE.  EVEN THE NEW REPUBLICAN HEALTH CARE BILL IS SET UP TO KILL OFF MORE AMERICANS THEN IT WILL SAVE.

Somewhere along the line, we may hate to admit it but we have a UNITED STATES OF AMERICA PRESIDENT and surrogates surrounding him who many of us are beginning to realize are out to serve another master…..PUTIN OF RUSSIA.

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