An Example of How the Trump White House Re-Writes History and Changes the Facts

If you watched the White House press conference yesterday, you may remember the press secretary defending themselves by saying Trump had written the word wiretap in quotes. Spicer went on to expand on wiretaps to mean more than just wiretapping Trump Tower.  He said it was put in quotes to mean all sorts of surveillance.   That was in response to NBC correspondents pressing Spicer on what was meant by wiretap.  Spicer plainly lied……. the word “wiretaps” was not in quotes.  In fact the word was spelled tapp on the tweet.  You may think that is a small point but NO IT IS A MAJOR LIE.  Because the White House has been asked for what EVIDENCE Trump had to claim President Obama had committed what is essentially a felony, they have to now expand there reference to what they claimed Obama is guilty of.   THERE IS NO EVIDENCE.  IT WAS A LIE WHEN TRUMP SAID IT AND IT IS STILL A LIE BUT AMERICA DOES NOT HOLD ITS PRESIDENT TO THE STANDARD OF TELLING THE TRUTH ABOUT ANYTHING.  He wakes up, has a knee jerk reaction to his paranoia and he says whatever tickles his fancy.

Is that sanity?  Hmmm

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