Christians Are So Shallow; What Happened To The Party Of Family Values

The Republicans drowned us in talk and platitudes about FAMILY VALUES FOR YEARS.  When Sarah Pallin showed up at the Republican Convention with her pregnant, unmarried daughter, no one blinked an eye.  Suddenly there was an empathy afforded her  like not shown to anyone else.  Now we have a president who goes to church on Sunday, bows his head and prays to what diety I cannot imagine, only to go out and dum down the people.

I cannot believe that TRMP has no shame but that is the way America grew it white boys of privilege.    When times were great,  white boys like Trump feel they can do whatever they want.  Tell me, TRUMP DOES NOT EXHIBIT THE SAME MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES AS MEN LIKE ADOLPH HITLER AND TELL ME, PEOPL ACCEPT HIM, AODRE HIM, AND WANT TO BE LIKE HIM BECAUSE HIS STUPIDITY IS JUST SO INTRIGUING.

WHAT IS REALLY WRONG WITH OBAMACARE THAT CANNOT BE FIXED?  The answer is simple.  Trump cannot stand that a black man put a major health care policy through.  He and others would prefer to give the people less in terms of health care then fine tune a credible program like OBAMACARE.  THE RACISM OF THE MOMENT RAGES ON.




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