Little Donald Joins Forces with Congressman Mo Brooks of Alabama To Defend Trump No Matter What

The other night I read a tweet by Donald Trump Jr. who I loose more and more respect for overtime he opens his mouth.  It’s not the golden spoon he was born with that irritates me.  It’s the fact he often speaks of his father in terms of a saint and that means he has as many mental health problems as papa Trump.  No wonder Donald’s first wife IVANKA RAN FOR THE HILLS WHILE FIGHTING LIKE A TIGRESS FOR EVERY CENT SHE THOUGHT SHE WAS DUE.

AND THEN I  listened to Republican Congressman Mo Brooks of Alabama.  Let me keep it real.  He should be the poster child of stupidity in Washington, DC politics.  He dared to take the commentator to task for reporting on the Trump’s allegations of President Obama wiretapping Trump Tower.  Maybe Mo Brooks does not know that Trump actually accused Obama of a felony.  Brooks’ verbal tirade on MSNBC  is a perfect example of the ‘smoke and mirrors’ approach DONALD TRUMP AND HIS SURROGATES use to skirt issues where they know they are profoundly wrong, ignorant, or being deceptive.  Mo Brooks, please go back to Alabama and complete grade school. You sounded weak, pathetic, and so upset because in your soul you wanted President Obama to be guilty of something right?  Isn’t that how it’s been for all the 8 years of Obama’s presidency.  Politicians like you purposely wanting this man with Black skin to fail and you and others tried everything in your power to obstruct him, degrade him, paint him as not being born in America, and blocking every program he wanted to do for infrastructure or education or equality of rights.  On the night he won, you and SENATOR MITCH MCCONNEL GOT TOGETHER and the good old boys decided to block Obama, work to make him a one term president, and when he turned out to have more intellect and class then all of you, you still kept coming with your childish birther story pushed by Dear Donald Trump, the pathological liar who now sits in the Oval Office.  This is America Mo……This is not Russia yet even though TRUMP IS WORKING ON IT AND WORKING ON SELLING US OUT.

The media has covered all the top stories of the day from Trump’s PATHOLOGICAL LIES about former President Obama to the Putin’s Russian Hackers hitting millions and millions of Yahoo accounts, and Trump pushing a health care proposal that in no way is equal in quality or cost to  Obamacare. Additionally, for all the coal minors who voted for TRUMP because he said he would bring a coal jobs back to their areas like Kentucky, Trump does not even realize that his and Ryan’s bill would hurt the Black Lung and health care needs of these coal miners who are covered by Obamacare as opposed to nothing.

In the middle of Trump’s rant tonight in Nashville as if he were still campaigning, he had his attendees chant “Lock her up,” regarding Hillary Clinton.  I thought that competition was over….does he know that?  Does he know that he won the presidency via the Electoral College just not by 3 million folks from the popular vote pool.

Trump is so busy playing the game of President of the United States that he does not realize he looks ill-prepared, ignorant, a bully, and someone who really does need to be put on a 72 hour hold.  I am betting he must be taking mental health medications because he seems bi-polar to me and extremely delusional.  Can you imagine needing him to make a decision in a real crisis situation?  I guess that is what he has his children to do for him, not to mention white supremacist Steve Bannon, that wiesel press secretary Spicer, his slick Willie son-in-law Kushner and of course the children, his children, the seeds he spawned and who become more and more arrogant the more they address their father’s mental health breakdowns evidenced by a tweet.




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