TRUMP’S MUSLIM TRAVEL BAN GETS SHOT DOWN AGAIN…..POW!!! ….. His Behavior, His Thought Process, and His Demeanor Will Destroy the GOP

The second attempt at writing a traveling ban that masks TRUMP’S HATE FOR IMMIGRANTS ESPECIALLY MUSLIMS HAS BEEN SHOT DOWN.  Trump just wants to fight.  He is not about securing our borders and ensuring the productivity of every American.  His unprofessional behavior is setting fires everywhere, blowing up bridges figuratively and shows that Donald and his Republican allies are in a illusional Trump orbit.

What TRUMP really does not get is that he is about to abandon the travel ban and even the RYAN HEALTH CARE BILL because TRUMP CANNOT TAKE ANOTHER MOMENT OF DEGRADATION.  His ego won’t allow it even though I do not know how all of you who support him cannot see the man is walking on a tight mental health wire.

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