GOP Pushed Health Care Too Soon…With A 37% Approval Rating, Trump Should Be Cool For A While

Many Americans know that life is not perfect in our country but we try hard to make life better. We feel we have no choice. This is our home, our land, our prize for ancestors fighting to create greater opportunity for every American or visitor to our shores. What I do not understand is why the Republicans so ignorantly insisted on working on the health care bill first. Time was not even taken to make sure it was credible in terms of substance or in terms of relaxing the people who feed nervous about losing any health care they many have waited half a lifetime to receive.

So when Donald Trump went to visit the hill today and issue a threat that every Republican better get behind this pathetically drafted health care bill, it was one of his crazy moments. That is not what the Republicans needed to hear. They needed to hear from a president who had gotten a knock out punch yesterday from the Federal Bureau of Investigation but not a message of fear. They needed a message of good will and a little more time to let this bill rock a little because Trump and Ryan is talking about a Part 2 and Part 3 have to follow. Who has time to vote on something that drawn out?

The Republicans got greedy and arrogant on pushing this health care bill out of the gate first……especially a health care bill that is limping.

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