Remember When Trump Told Us Clinton Should Not Be President Because The FBI Was After Her….Bull…Trump Is The Treason King Now So Impeach Him Before He Destroys America and Our Allies

Marco Rubio, Donald Trump, Jeb Bush and all those other Republican hypocrites sat back and made bold speeches about how Hillary Clinton should not be running for president because she was being investigated by the FBI.  NOW GIVE ME A BREAK!  DONALD TRUMP AND HALF HIS STAFF ARE UNDER INVESTIGATION BY THE FBI AND A NUMBER OF OTHER AGENCIES FOR BEING IN THE BARN YARD OF RUSSIA’S PUTIN.  Clearly TRUMP was sniffing Putin’s buttocks more so than Hillary or anyone else has since we executed some spies many years ago. THAT IS OF COURSE…..YOU ARE NOT TELLING ME THAT ALL OF THE RUSSIAN ASSOCIATIONS TRUMP HAS BEEN HAVING AND ALL THE MONEY HE HAS BEEN TAKING IN ON REAL ESTATE DEALS AND THROUGH RUSSIAN BANKS DOES NOT MAKE HIM THE PUPPET OF PUTIN.

Come on America……if we are for sale to Russia just sit back and do nothing.  If you like speaking English and a few other languages but not making Russian are official tongue…..YOU BETTER STAND UP AND START SHOUTING FOR THE IMPEACHMENT OF TRUMP.

TRUMP can’t even honor his lie on Universal Health Care and the health care program he and  Paul Ryan are pushing down Congress’ throat and treating representatives about passing Thursday night or loose their seats……is SO DAMN DANGEROUS.  ARE YOU WILLING TO DIE FOR TRUMP BY GIVING UP YOUR OBAMACARE WHEN ALL IT NEEDED WAS FOR THE REPUBLICANS TO JOIN WITH THE DEMOCRATS AND FIT IT, AMEND IT, TWEAK IT, AND GIVE A DAMN ABOUT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE VS. THEIR POLITICAL GOP EGOS.





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